Alienware Aurora r6 with upgrades


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Apr 24, 2018
Hi everyone,
i've been new to this alienware fanclub and i've given a lot of thought before i've aquired the r6. Not as satisfied with the buy considering the price asked from dell but hey....the computer runs well now.
I have been upgrading some parts here and there and will keep on upgrading .
I ordered the i5 7400 cpu with 32gb ram, nvidia gtx 1070 single and 256 ssd + 1tb.
worked fine but some parts needed changing:
i added another gtx 1070 from Asus(turbo) with the asus sli bridge
changed the power source to a Seasonic Prime ultra 750 titanium and i had not trouble changing it
chanegd the front fan with a noctua nf f12 (god how much of a difference it makes). the "alienware" one was a cheap plastic high reving noise making fan.

planing to change the cpu cooler to a corsair h60 and also moving up to the i7 7700k(i do not intend to overclock but i like the power )
also intend to buy some decent ram, so will be going with 64gb minimum.
i must specify that i use lightroom, photoshop and sometimes premier on a daily basis so yes, the computer feels slow with only 32gb of ram.
after the cpu and cpu cooler upgrade i'm hoping i'll get decent temperatures in the case.

anyway, if you guys have any questions about upgrading the r6 or on the parts used feel free to ask.

i would of liked to upgrade to the new i7 but hey......alienware did a great job of not letting us upgrade the motherboard :mad:



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Apr 28, 2018
Hello @sebbyex ! I also own a Aurora R6 and can tell you that the OEM mobo does indeed work with the i7-7700k as I purchased an i7-7700 model and swapped the processor out with no problems. Did have to do a fresh OS install though. You can swap out any of that generations processors and know confidently that they will indeed work in any Aurora R6 OEM mobo.