Custom cable for 850w stock PSU

Hi guys! As I am finishing modding my Area51R2 (with generous help of Cass-Ole, of course) I found myself with a spare cpu, gpu, psu, mobo, watercooler and ssd. Didn’t want to sell those things and decided to make a new Alienware build. For this purpose I have bought an AuroraR5 barebone chassis. It was a surprise for me to find out that it has micro-ATX form factor. So I’ve got an Asus X99-M WS motherboard. Now I face a problem of connecting PSU to it. As it is known the Dell 850w PSU has three 6-pin connectors going to two 8-pin connectors on Area51R2 motherboard. Asus mobo has one 8-pin connector. The variant of just leaving the second 8-pin cable aside and connecting only one of them doesn’t suit because I want to make an aesthetic build. Is there a possibility to make a custom cable for this or any other variant? Thanks.
for a custom CPU cable, you seem to have 3 options: disassemble the cable there and reduce it to a normal 8-wire cable by backing the extra pins out, reduce from a triple 6pin to a double 6pin / or buy a standard new or used CPU cable of your liking and attach a pair of 6pins to the PSU end of the cable and wire it up correctly to match the one there / or make your own cable by purchasing basic computer wiring supplies (wire / pin terminals / sleeve / connectors / heatshrink), where computer custom wiring projects and techniques might be available on youtube or online guides

PTDC0002 - Copy1.jpg
for mine, I made a custom case harness. My CPU cable is 8 wires, and has two 6pins @ the PSU modular end; one 6pin houses 6 wires, the other holds two wires; the wiring pinout matches the original cable vis a vis 12volts and grounds
CPU  (4).jpg
a different project I did was an individually sleeved case harness, where CPU cable gets 8wires, an 8pin + 6pins at the PSU end of the cable
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Front Panel PinOut.JPG
on the photo you posted, any 12volt wire can go into a yellow slot, any ground can go into a black slot; the simplest diagram might be what u see above; when finished, the 6pins can plug into any of those three red ports
the motherboard / device end of the cable HAS to have x4 yellow 12v in top row (with latch), x4 ground in bottom row. In other words, make sure all x4 wires in top row plug into a yellow slot in the PSU 6pin end, and, make sure all x4 bottom wires plug into a black slot at 6pin end, as seen on PSU pinout image
red 6pins plug in 'upside down' / latch down; when seen upside down as in photo, all red 6pins have a repeating pattern left-to-right:
  • ground + x2 12v in 'bottom row' (looks like top row in photo)
  • 12v + x2 ground in 'top row' (looks like bottom row in photo)
the middle red connector, the middle slots are unused / empty, but the pins inside are still hot / active. The top photo should be fine, it is the wiring pinout I use on both of my custom CPU cables
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