Graphics Card no longer detected - at my wits end!!

Ok so my Laptop no longer shows my graphics card anywhere on my system -

It is no longer visible in Device Manager(including show hidden), BIOS or GeForce experience etc. Gone from everywhere.

I have tried what seems like every possible solution, I have disabled and enabled internal graphics, flashed BIOS, tried to instal a variety of drivers both current and previous versions, I have even performed a clean instal of windows 10 and still nothing! I even tried taking the physical card out and cleaning and rehousing, but to no avail.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

My system is an R4 bought in 2013, with a GTX 675m card running windows 10
my 17 r1 did that at one point and it was the graphics card its self had failed.. a ebay replacement solved the issue.. i should note though my screen squared up and froze the laptop initially then apon reset the card was no longer visible
Probably a dead GPU.

You can try removing the GPU and reinstalling it to see if it is a contact issue but most often it is a dead card, and in most cases the computer won't turn on after it dies so at least you have that :p

You should be able to pick up a replacement fairly easily but it might be costly.