HDMI or mini-Display port not connecting to external monitor

Discussion in 'Alienware Legacy Laptops' started by jfurst1, Mar 14, 2017.

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    Mar 3, 2017
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    Aloha, all, from Hawaii!
    I've recently come into the possession of an Alienware 14, however, I'm assuming it's a R2 or maybe even an R3, but I have not been able to locate ANY viable information on how to make Windows 10 detect an external Monitor, either connected via the HDMI port, or a mini-Display adapter to either an HDMI or DVI connector.

    I'm totally stumped. Whenever I go into Display Settings in the Settings app in Windows 10, it refuses to detect any other type of display. On a curious note, Windows 10 does offer me the option to connect a "wireless" display, such as my Roku, sitting across the room. It does work, however the "lag" between when I move my mouse, and see it move on the External Monitor, that the Roku is connected to is beyond tolerable, besides the resolution totally sucks.

    All of my Alienware 14 drivers are installed and up to date with no conflicts showing in Device Manager. The Nvidia GT750 graphics card driver is up to date, per Nvidia's website.

    Any tips you can give me on this issue, I would greatly appreciate