Looking for 1060 advice

I've been looking to upgrade the GTX 745 in my R2 to a GTX 1060. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time finding a card that is both a) under 9.5 inches so I don't have to modify my case and b) has blower-style cooling. All the blower cards I've found (that are available in Australia) seem to be 10.5 inches or longer. I figured I'd just get the Nvidia Founder's Edition and be done with it, but it turns out that doesn't ship here either.

At this point I'm tempted to just give up and get a non-reference card and trust in the X51's fans and ventilation to keep everything cool. Does anyone have any useful advice? Past experience with non-reference cards in the X51? Suggestions on cards I might have missed? Suggestions for very very minimal case mods (I'm thinking, like, easy ways I could stick a new fan on, but please consider that I know nothing about this subject)?

The list of cards I'm considering is here; only the ones with prices beside them are available in Australia. PNY and Zotac don't seem to sell cards here.
Great question. I'd be interested in any cards you find or others are able to suggest - the range of cards available in NZ is perhaps even more limited!
I bought a 1060 mini today it fits in my x51 r1 but same problem as yesterday my system
Dont run it beeps 5 times and tjats all :( any helps maybe my mainboard is to old for the gtx1060
Ooh, that might be the solution to my problem, since it's 9.5 inches - I'd heard PNY had one the right size but didn't realise I might be able to get it shipped. Have you had any cooling problems? It says it's fan-cooled, rather than blower-cooled.
It is a reference-style blower. Just like any other X51 Dell installed card. Temp-wise, no problems. I had a GTX660 in and it always ran the fan at max. The 1060 is definitely cooler and quieter. Sorry, no temp numbers to share (X51 at college with son right now).