M18xR2 GPU upgrade

1st , I need to give major props to Mr. Fox. My M17xR4 runs well , I added a 970M and I'm jazzed Mr Fox.you are my new hero!! ( alittle throttling ,but I OC it mildly). Now to my puzzelment,.......Picked up some basket case M18xR2's and put in an 970m, along w/ 32GB of hyperX @2133 , a 3940XM, crucial 920GB C drive , a 512GB Msata along w/ a WD750GB drive(7200). Working w/ Win 8.1 and trying to get thru all the steps for this damn card to work( BTW , I'm not going to SLI unless I go backwards to snag a pair of 680M's) almost drove me to toss this as deep in the ocean as I could on my dives...........maybe deeper. Using a clean install of WIN 7 everything runs great ( I can even run alot of earlier games on the IGFX), ADD the 970M...............8 beeps,pull the card and post's with no issues. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.I'm tempted to pull the 970M from my M17xR4 but I hate easter egg troubleshooting and I don't want to kill the card. Maybe put the suspect card in the 17x and see if it posts on the platform that works......???
I am having the same problem w/my Alienware® M18x R2 also. I am told to in bios: enable UEFI, Disable legacy ROM, disable fast boot, disable securom, then if you have a unlocked bios : set graphics card to PEG mode and also to set up a GPT disc Partition with the clean command and wipe out any other partitions before that. In windows when you install modified driver , DISABLE DSE,
I cant do any of this because I have the A11 bios and it is all locked up. I may need to backwards flash to a lower bios and then flash to a modified bios but I am not sure which one to do, if it is even possible. Dell might have locked up the bios from being downgraded
Mr Fox sure is the king of the M18x. I remember having this same 8 beep issue when I upgraded mine to dual 780M's. I can't remember where it was (maybe the Dell forum) but I found a post by Mr Fox with the directions on how to get around it. When I get a chance I will have a look for the post. It got me up and running when I thought all was lost.
Thanks for the quick reply. this looks promising, but I still have a few ??? : {Bridge pins for CMOS battery terminal with screwdriver}? Does that mean on the end of the cmos battery plug or on the MoBo ? Am I trying to drain the battery or ground out the motherboard? I guess i can look for the pins I am not supposed to bend^^ Also do I need modded bios? My A11 bios has every option locked.