Modded X51 R2 - in progress

Well, it's been a while. I decided to scrap the external radiator idea after watching YouTube reviews on the Corsair H5. Shortly thereafter I made a purchase on a slightly used H5. I'll be installing soon and providing y'all with an update and great photos. Stay tuned.
I was finally successful at bending the socket pins!!! Now my motherboard sees all 16GB of RAM and passes the bench test.

That being said I gave the lighting a facelift with a new corsair node.

Today I'll be installing the Corsair H5 cooler and GTX 1080 FE.

IMG_4082.JPG IMG_4083.JPG IMG_4084.JPG IMG_4085.JPG
Well, bad news. The Corsair H5 doesn't fit in the case. Guess I'll just go another route and do a custom loop as originally planned. For now it is finished. I did some cable management and installed the GTX 1080 FE. Tonight I'm going to put her to the test.

See photos below.

IMG_4098.JPG IMG_4099.JPG IMG_4100.JPG IMG_4101.JPG
Well, I am happy overall with this build. The only thing that concerns me is the cpu cooling issue. The next mod is to cut a whole on the left panel so the cpu cooler can expel air directly out the side of the case. I ordered a couple Noctua air coolers to see which one I prefer and which one fits inside the case better. I will probably liquid cool this pc in the future but for now I will take the path of least resistance and air cool it.

I will post some photos and temp comparisons in the near future.
Last night I installed the Noctua NH-L9X65 cooling system. It works beautifully, I can't wait until I have this side panel modded to exhaust the heat. This build is proving successful!

IMG_4304.JPG IMG_4305.JPG IMG_4306.JPG IMG_4307.JPG IMG_4308.JPG IMG_4309.JPG
Installed these 40mm exhaust fans this past weekend. They work really well and are Intel branded with hydraulic bearings. So pleased with them. IMG_4427.JPG IMG_4428.JPG IMG_4429.JPG IMG_4431.JPG IMG_4432.JPG
Very nice And your home looks very tiddy too..:)
Thanks! We run a tight ship around here. I’m still working on this machine. There has been a delay as we just had our first child and he was born 2 months early. All is well, it is just difficult to spread my time between work, our son, and my hobbies. Hopefully I can complete my build this spring.

I scored a 28” 4K monitor and will be wall mounting it soon. Such a lovely addition to the build.

I acquired I Dremel tool with a hole drilling jig also, now I can make custom “crop circle” designed exhaust ports!

Stay tuned. I’ll post photos of the new monitor and cable management soon enough.
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