New Aurora R5 owner with some basic questions. :)

Hi everyone.

Newbie Alienware Aurora R5 owner here so a big HELLO to you all. :) I'm from Carlisle in the UK and 39 years old. Pleased to meet you. I hope y'all doing grand today. :)

I have just purchased a new Alienware Aurora R5 Desktop PC. Unfortunately it's not the one with the liquid cooled i7 6700K but it's still way, way better than I have ever had previously.

It's the i7 6700 air cooled with 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD and the GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Founders Edition GPU. I absolutely love it. A very impressive little beast. :) I paid £1325 for it so I think that was a pretty good price so I can't grumble. I might upgrade it in the future but for now it's good.

Anyway. My questions:

Should this model have the XMP memory fitted. The RAM sticks look like basic RAM sticks with no Heatsinks fitted so I'm not sure if it is XMP or not. I'd like to find out. I'd also like to be able to confirm that the RAM is Quad-Channel. Is there a utility which can tell me this info? If there is then what details should I be looking for?

This one is probably a stupid question. When ordering I saw that it came with something called an Oculus Place mat. There was nothing else in the box when I unpacked the PC other than the AC cord and the PC itself. Would I be correct in assuming that this 'place mat' is just a fancy way of saying that the PC is 'Oculus Ready' or am I missing something? (The PC has an Oculus Ready sticker on it and rear USB ports marked for Oculus).

And finally, so far anyway :) is it possible to set the colours in AlienFX to change randomly on their own? The profile I currently have it set to is 'Alienware'.

If anyone could help me out I'd be very grateful.

Many thanks in advance.

Andrew :)
Hi there 8*sectorb6.

Thanks for asking. :)

I did create a thread on both of the forums Cass-Olé provided the links for.

The Arena one was very useful. It seems like a very good forum. Feel free to search me on that forum to see my thread. I'm everway9 on there too.

I just love my new PC to bits. :) It's awesome. I've never had anything anywhere near as good before. I'm planning to get another GTX1080 Founders Edition and setup SLI. However DELL want nearly £1000 for an extra card, 860w PSU and the sli bracket/cables etc which is a pretty OTT price I think. I'm going to haggle with them a lot and see what sort of discount I can get out of them. Like what I did for this Aurora R5 which I got for £1325 all in. :D
Oh. I'm very sorry. I thought you were asking me how I got on with getting my questions answered. My mistake. :)

It's now obvious that you were asking me generally what the Aurora R5 is. Well, in my opinion its an extremely good computer. I chose the air-cooled chassis with the 450w PSU, the non K Intel i76700 CPU, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD and the GTX1080. At the time of buying I wished that I could have afforded the K CPU, Liquid cooled chassis and 2 GTX1080's but after speaking to a few people who knew what they were talking about it was obvious that the spec I chose was perfectly adequate for what I needed.

It seems to play any of the newest games extremely well indeed. Most of them with the highest graphics settings possible. Some struggle a little bit when you play at 4K resolution but even then you can still have the graphics settings on very high, just not ultra. The PC it's self is built to a high standard and feels like it too.

It's Oculus ready too and with the room for the SLI config as well it has more potential. I would recommend the same spec as mine to anyone who wants to play the latest games at a pretty good frame rate. However if your after something that's going to play everything at 4K resolution at 60fps+ I'd seriously consider an SLI config. Maybe an even higher performance rig altogether.

It's a pretty darn impressive piece of kit and I love it!!! :)