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Hello fellow Aliens!

I recently purchased a Area 51 desktop from eBay for a really low price. It has a Pentium D processor at 3.00 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, and a Nvidia GeForce GT 520 graphics card with 1 GB of 64-bit DDR3 RAM. It had no HDD; I installed a 250 GB Seagate Boot HDD for Windows 10, and a 750 GB Seagate Drive for storage. I have upgraded her RAM to 4 GB.

My questions are about upgradability.

Here are the specs from BIOS:
1) BIOS NT94510J.86A.3239.2005.1205.1900
2) Pentium D CPU 3.00 GHz which is Intel EM64 T Capable (64-bit emulation maybe?)
3) System Bus: 800 MHz
4) System Memory Speed: 800 MHz
5) L2 Cache RAM: 2048 KB
6) Single-Channel Memory: 4 slots
7) Motherboard: Intel Model D945GPM

Anyway, any thoughts / advice / feedback / support I HIGHLY VALUE AND APPRECIATE!
Thanks in advance, fellow Aliens!
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Hello there. You're in quite an interesting situation. Most people either buy these old desktops in order to use the case for a new build. Other people tend to use these old systems as is for a retro feel, or old games.

In order to help more, it's need to know your budget, and goals. Are you simply trying to use this as an everyday computer, or do you want to turn this into a gaming computer/some sort of media server?Just looking at the Current specs, the system is quite old.Well you couldbuy top-of-the-line parts from that era for a good price,it would still perform a lot less than even a low budgetbuild from 2017.
Ah yes, I see. Well, as a low-end basic gaming, internet-ready, media platform I was envisioning it for, really. I want to set it up as a backup computer, for, say, my family visiting me to use it.

Budget-wise, I would say, I don't intend to spend more than say $200-$250 for upgrades....

Thank you for your kind and prompt reply!
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