What do you play?

GM of Nailed It guild on Mal'Ganis... we're top 25 US guild on Wowcensus in guild value (whatever that means), and we're top 600 or so US raiding, as well as have some R1 Glad/Hero of the Horde players..

I myself haven't really played much at the higher leve of endgame since 2009 due to my extensive travel schedule... hoping to get better quality gaming in now however with my new AW pc's..
i find myself going back to wow when i am board and cant find an mmo to feed my need for one. im sorry but since wow there really isnt an mmo that can feed the hunger like wow can. for me any ways. but i play orc warrior,undead mage, orc warlock, orc deathknight,i might even have another floating around there some where. i started with vanilla and recently reupped my account on mop.
Was WOW for almost 6 years got to dumb down missed the buying ammo and training pets, anyway play Neverwinter now BF3 and BF4 mostly. In the real world shot pool a lot..lol


I have all the characters and hoping for extra game slots when the new expansion arrives but my favourite is resto shamman.
I went back to playing some time ago..main is a huntar play horde looking forward to next month. Helping my wife get flying on her account. Also play ESO a lot.