My fully operational setup

My fully operational setup

finally after some time,investment and research i was able to make that beast alive :-) AlienFX working fine on passive daughter card , feel free to leave comments
is this what you used to supply power to the alienfx daughterboard? http://www.performance-pcs.com/aquacomputer-aquaero-power-connect-24pin-atx-standby-power-atx-break.html
uhm yeap but not directly , the item You talking about supply power partially to AlienFXmotherboard , daughtercard is inside , take a look over here this tutorial helps me alot http://niche.originpc.com/showthread.php?t=3493
Hello what did you use to supply power to the daughterboard the one moondog listed did not work.
thanks dude , just like i mentioned above i was using tutorial (from a forum/website above) step by step , key thing is to have a passive revision (with 3dip switch on it)daughter card (which is availble on ebay around 10-20 $) if it`s active (without 3dip switch) you may be in trouble just like i was , AlienFX just won`t work as long as U don`t have 100% Alienware parts(mainboard etc.) , mine PC i s a custom made with non AW signed parts...so if everything is connected properly(alienFX+ cables) and U don`t make it work try to get a passive revision of this card , passive card made mine rig shine properly :)
hmm that`s weird though , psu extension cord with 2 pin connector that moondog mentioned above (wchich should be included with AW case)works in my case , i don`t know what`s Your setup and how it`s look like , double chceck AlienFX cables,led connectors , hope Your Alienfx isn`t fried

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