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    Alienware X51 Video Card Upgrade Video

    Yes you will be able a GTX 650. I ran a EVGA GTX 650 ti Boost Superclock on the 180W power supply with zero problems.
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    Another GPU question...

    I think you may need to step down to a weaker card. I just ran your specs through eXtreme Power Supply Calculator They recommend a psu of at least 355W.
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    Problem with the installation of Windows 7 SP1 on mi Alienware X51 R1

    I had the same problem when I tried to reinstall windows 8 after an upgrade to 8.1. Have you tried a using a disc from Microsoft instead of Dell's? I used my friends windows 8 install disc and haven't had any problems since.
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    Will the Alienware X51 run Battlefield 3 and Skyrim?

    Currently running BF3 and BF4 on my x51 with an i5-4430 and gtx 750 ti. Both look absolutely amazing. I originally bought my x51 with an i3-4430, 6gb of ram and a gtx 645. It ran both battlefields on medium with no problem. I sense upgraded to an i5, gtx 750 ti, and 8gb of ram. I love my x51...
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    Do you Alienware will add GTX 750

    I agree. The 750ti is a better option when compared to the 645. If Alienware started putting these in their computers, imagine the possibilities.
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    EVGA GTX 750 Ti SC 2GB

    No problem. Glad I could help.
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    potential new x51 owner

    Of your options I would go with the i5-4430 with the GTX 760ti. You would have a better gaming experience on a 256 bit memory interface instead of a 192 bit interface. Also the GTX 760ti has 2gb's of memory compared to the 660 1.5GB. Check out the specs of the cards on nvidia's website below...
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    potential new x51 owner

    I bought the i3-4130 gtx 645 version with the 180W psu. The gtx 645 sucked. I then bought a I5-4430 of ebay for $150 and sold the i3 for $100. I then upgraded to the EVGA GTX 750ti SC 2gb version, which is an amazing little card that is extremely power efficient. Changed the 6gb of ram to 8GB...
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    EVGA GTX 750 Ti SC 2GB

    That was at 1920 x 1080 hd.
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    EVGA GTX 750 Ti SC 2GB

    Yep I'm running it off of the 180W power supply right now. I just added an SSD and migrated the os over. I'm going to have to update my sig. The 750ti only draws 60W. I was running a 650 Ti Boost off the 180W power supply, but it was running too hot for my liking. - - - - - Updated; Consecutive...
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    Nvidia 750 Ti in X51 R1

    The only difference I can tell between the FTW is the FTW model has a 6 pin power connector. The FTW can be overclocked higher because of the power connector. At stock their almost clocked the same, EVGA SC is clocked at 1176Mhz with a boost of 1255Mhz. The FTW model is clocked at 1189Mhz with a...
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    EVGA GTX 750 Ti SC 2GB

    Yeah I can't wait either. Imagine the possibilities.
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    EVGA GTX 750 Ti SC 2GB

    This is an awesome little card. I'm just ran it through Battlefield 4 and it blow away my expectations. I switched out my EVGA 650 Ti Boost due to it running at a constant 90C. All I can say is Nvidia hit a home run with this card. The case of my X51 is luke warm at best. Simply amazing. I...
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    Front USB Ports stopped working

    Figured it out.
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    Nvidia 750 Ti in X51 R1

    You'll be fine. The 750 Ti draws less than 70W.