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    Where Are You From?

    The Netherlands :D
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    Your Height and Weight?

    Iḿ 6´2 and i´m about 175lbs I believe, not sure how the measurement is in America!
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    What's Your Nickname?

    Always went with Bettadenu unfortunatly at times when I try to sign up for stuff someone else has taken it :(. I got this name because I once had a little arguement with a guy in a Halo server and he was a horrible typer even for a native English speaker, so for the purpose of poking and...
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    Guild Wars

    Ive got my HoM points maxxed out 50/50, also got GWAMM on my main character in GW so im ready for GW2. Although my HoM Isnt completely filled with all tormented weapons or armor sets, may add those later though.
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    Thanks! I´ll use this for sure!
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    What makes Alienware so great?

    They aren´t great, its the design that makes it wanted.
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    Fan Noise

    I can imagine it being annoying especially when you´re on your laptop in company of others, are you sure the BIOS update didn´t fix it?
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    What makes Alienware so great?

    It's like any other major brand the styling mostly. Alienware also comes with good specs so when you buy one you're not saddled up with a crappy laptop that can't run games. But most of all, it has a frigging lit up keyboard how awesome is that?