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    Windows 7 - How is your system tweaked?

    Thanks for the quick reply. And the reminder about using the discrete card (nvidia) what is optimus/enduro? Anyone else have settings they change or windows features they disable to limit system resource use by not critical processes?
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    x51 R2 wireless issues out of the box - and some questions.

    The Dell PC Diagnostics will not run on this machine. I ran the Alienware system check-up from AlienAutopsy and it found no issues. 1. Having wireless adapter issues - has disconnected from my WLAN (10ft away) 3 times. No other net connected device in the house has experienced or is...
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    Windows 7 - How is your system tweaked?

    Hello, Many forums have a list of Win7 O/S tweaks and system settings designed to streamline gaming and general processing on a system . . . What are your favorite tweaks or settings? When you get a new system started up, how do you get it ready for awesomeness?