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    Any good single player shooter games that run smoothly on the m14x?

    Borderlands! Available for download at Steam for only $19.
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    EVE Online?

    There's only walking in the Captain's Quarters. No walking into the actual public areas of the station yet. :(
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    Any MMORPG you recommend?

    Eve Online :)
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    Just another Alienhead

    Welcome! I also own an M17x and an M11x that was given to the kid! :) What was your M17x sent to the depot for? Mine got sent to depot a month ago for a motherboard replacement. :(
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    fps on mmos?

    Playing Eve Online gets me constant 60fps on my M11x R2 with everything turned up to max settings. :)
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    CPU temperature

    Well, technically, it was re-pasted when I sent my M17x R3 back when I had a video issue a month ago. The diagnosis on the warranty repair was a replacement motherboard. So maybe they did a better job at the re-paste? :)
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    What do you play?

    Used to play WoW. I had an Unholy DK at Balnazzar. I quit last year. Tried SW:TOR and it was fun the first few levels but at about levels 25-30, it gets old. Reminded me too much of the grind in WoW. These days, I am playing Eve Online. For FPS, I ususally play an Engineer in TF2. :)
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    CPU temperature

    Mine idles at around ~50 degrees according to HWINFO. When gaming, it goes to around 60 degrees. I do use a Cooler Master U3 cooler pad.
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    m18x envy

    Bigger isn't always necessarily better. I first bought an M11x. Loved its portability and size! Eventually, I got an M17x R3 and let me tell you. There are times that I wish I had and was using the M11x! Like when I'm just lying on the bed, lying down on the couch watching tv, while on the...
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    Intel Turbo Boost Monitor

    Thanks for the info, calric! I'll try it out later tonight when I get home from work.
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    M17x R3 Battery Life

    Hi All, Just wanted to share my experience with my "base" M17x R3's battery life. So I was at a Starbucks the other day and all the tables near the power outlets were taken. :( I was for sure not going to be able to use my M17x R3 for a substantial time, right? Wrong. I powered on the...
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    Intel Turbo Boost Monitor

    Thanks for the responses guys! I checked the ALL CPU Meter and the CPU meter gadgets but they don't show the clock speed info. They only display the usage info. The Intel monitor actually shows the MHz speed increases as you use the laptop.
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    EVE Online?

    It's a really big space-based MMORPG. It's unique that its just one big server unlike other MMOs that "load-balance" by having different servers to control # of players. No need to ask friends who play Eve: "Which server are you on?". Unlike WoW or SW:TOR, where you can be on one of dozens of...
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    EVE Online?

    Anyone here play?