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    Hi everyone..

    welcome to the party.
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    Area 51 R5 GTX 1080 water cooled.. video cable.

    take a look at your 1080 if it was purchased in the the recent past belive it has an hdmi port on it I just got a area 51 with dula 1070s and it has dvi, hdmi, and display port. if you need me to i can post a pic of the cards external sections.
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    Hello all from Silly Valley

    Hello all, am new to the Alienware family. I have received my Alienware Area 51 R4 system. SPECS: Intel 7820x oc to 4.7ghz 32 gig DDR4 2666 memory Dual Nvidia 1070 GTX in sli 128 gig nvme boot drive 2tb rotational 3tb rotational (added after delivery) logitech g910 Keyboard Logitech g502...
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    Coming back to Alienware

    Hello there welcome to the party. I love my R4 got it last week and it has not disappointed as i also just joined ill be doing a welcome thread with my rig and specs and plans etc.