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    M17 R4 Bios A08 is out

    A09 is a DELL BIOS Check the below link, and to see If you can spot the different. The answer is in front of you. Is the update turly and really...
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    External Hard Drive. "Singing High Pitch"

    I took it apart. After I transfer all the files out form it. It is the Bearing. When I turn it. It is like turn a Volume knob. With clicks. Not smooth.
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    DVD drive door tabs

    Sorry. No idea. However! I can point you to the proper channel. You can log-in with your DELL account. It will be best that Chris are able to help you with that. By the way. In order to get to that area. The 'Palm Rest' need to...
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    DVD drive door tabs

    I've just check mind. It seems it is Double Side Tpaed on the housing/chassis. I can be wrong! For any reason. Suggest leave it along... It is there just enough to keep the lager dirt and pet fur form going into the Drive. If I were you! Unless it gets in the way of normal operation. Than...
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    List of free to play games. This is free to play. To begin. ISO, Android release late 2012. (Dec, guess.) PlayStation Vita 2013. Can join with PC Server. (Confirmed) English Version release, some time 2013. (Confirmed. Will not be link with other Server. And manage by SEGA of America.)
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    External Hard Drive. "Singing High Pitch"

    As Title. It is a Slave Drive from a DELL DeskTop. 5 years or so. Samsung 120GB. Just put it in a External Box and transfer the data out. It has nosie even before inside the Tower. But as now, it is out in the open. Pretty much open. Question is: Are the 'Bearing' cooked? I...
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    Brand new M17x with one problem...

    Alucard, just a moment. Don't jump up and down yet. are you sure! Not dirt or talking over spray. If either of those. Do you know how to fix it the easiest way? Grab a 'Soft Cloth'. If you don't have one. Use a Oakley Sunglass bag. Get a 'Eraser' small. Warp the cloth around it. AND 'roll'...
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    DDR3 1866MHz

    It is Alienware A08. Stock. Prior the SSD upgrade was A10. Also Stock. I am aware there is a A08 and A10, 'Unlock'. Not exactly sure the 'Power Supply' will have enough juice If I OverClock them. Last I tried, Tap the + Key 2 times. Change it to 10002. Already give me 4 beeps and do...
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    OMG! Better be late then Overlook.

    Not aware there is a Check In Thread. Anyway. Hello Everyone here at AWO. I am a simple guy, doing what most of everybody are doing everyday. Eat, Sleep, Play... And taking Alienware apart. :p Hope I can give out useful comments. Talk to all of you around.
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    DDR3 1866MHz

    Thank You Everyone. Somewhere says when your chipset is 'HM67' it will support 1866. Somehow i don't think I will take there word for that. I will properly wait a bit. As of now I have 16GB@1333. oK when I am gaming. Just need more when I am Photo editing.
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    M17 wont boot up from 2nd h/d

    Ianm63. In order to Boots from your SSD, or the Drive youhave installed the OS. By "Default": The Drive has to be install at Module0/Bay0. Meaning: If when your SSD/OS is installed on Module1/Bay1. (Not going to happen. To boot form Bay1) The 1 and only way to go around to 'boot from Bay1'. Is...
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    DDR3 1866MHz

    As Title. Has anybody Successfully Installed it on a M17XR3. 1600MHz without a doubt. Again the 1600 CL 10-10-10 1866 CL 11-11-11 Any advice are all good. Thx
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    Keyboard's going...

    Careful when you call for tech. High "Moisture" May by....... If that is the case, don't tell them you drink while you play...
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    cannot find ethernet driver for m17x r4..

    It Does Not Need any Update....!!! This is a Alienware. (this is a better point of view. 'How to you mod a Ferrari....!') Have you try the >>>Disc that come with your shipment! It is in there. If you are installing WiFi..! You need to 'Turn-On' The Card. Other wise It won't detect.
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    SSD hard drive

    Matty, something not right..... Yours is a 580m. Mind is a 460m. Take a look at my Windows Index. And my SSD as well. Soon be very close If not the same.