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    I’m back.

    The top lid/lip skin look pretty dope too. It’s a Matrix/Swarm combo. Be prepared to spend some hours putting this on. I’ll make a thread on it soon. Been a bit busy lately.
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    I’m back.

    Started putting on the skin tonight. Going to finish the rest tomorrow. Check out the texture on this.
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    I’m back.

    @MattyB I would of painted in 2013 but since then vinyl wraps have grown on me. I use textured dbrand wraps that give more grip and a more premium feel than paint. Wait till I post some pics, it might change your mind. @SWAT_Glock Same here.
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    I’m back.

    Got divorced and moved to a different part of the country. Finally settled in and the Alienware itch started coming back. Up to a few weeks ago I still used my M17xR3 from 2012. That thing is a beast and it’s still fast AF now in 2019. I just upgraded the m2 ssd’s in my AW13R3 to 2TB and...
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    I’m back.

    What’s up Alienowners. Been a min but I’m back to update my shit and add some new content to the site. I just acquired a 2018 Alienware 13 R3 through a trade tonight for a jailbroken 2018 64GB iPad Pro. :cool: I see a lot of my dell service manual threads are fuckered thanks to dell shifting...
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    Virgin alienware owner

    Welcome to the forums
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    Alienware Steambox

    Yea I was waiting for some specs to be released before I posted anything about it. Looks cool Im with ejohnson on the mxm card, the one word I dont want to hear when they post specs about it is "Proprietary"
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    Here I am

    Welcome to the Forums :cool: What are the specs on your aurora?
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    Docking Station

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    whats happend to my signature bar

    When you added your signature, did you link to a URL or upload it?
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    just ordered my 17

    Welcome to the Forums :cool: You made a good decision
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    Alienware 18 pending purchase

    Downgrade the RAM to 8GB, Upgrade DVD to Blu Ray Buy different RAM than stock :cool:
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    Yay - love my new Alienware 17

    It sucks when work gets in the way :D Welcome to the forums :cool:
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    Has anyone ever tried to use their alienware to mine bitcoin or lite coin?

    Don't get me wrong, they are fast cards. But when it comes to mining your better off using AMD cards. Read this http://www.extremetech.com/computing/153467-amd-destroys-nvidia-bitcoin-mining
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    The "Movie Name" Game.

    Next Friday