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    Windows Explorer keeps crashing!! help!!

    hey guys im having a problem and i dont know how to fix it so basically every time i try to go to my computer or try to open any folder thats on my desktop i get a message saying windows explorer has stopped working. also when i try to attach a document the same thing happens. i think it...
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    New m14x owner here!

    Congrats!! your going to love it! but make sure you check the temps and such!
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    Void Warranty?

    so i took apart my m14x to do a repaste job because of the over heating issue. does that void warranty?
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    Anyone else hate the Mass Effect 3 ending? (Possible Spoilers)

    everything was much better but i do agree on the plot holes. who knows whats next for the mass effect universe. either way im excited ^_^
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    M14x Raffle Ideas

    its a great idea. but ya i agree on not upgrading ram or ssd since you can get it for half the price depending on the after market product
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    Battlefield 3

    the poison LOL. and yes your right. but without the little kids playing and screaming on the mic. younger age group dont like Battlefield 3 because of how difficult it is to play. in other words, it takes skill..
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    Battlefield 3

    just wanted to let everyone know BF3>COD just saying :)
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    The Walking Dead Video Game

    so the walking dead game just came out not to long ago and i tried it today I was blown away on how great the game truly is! even though its just episode one it was one of the better story telling games! CHECK IT OUT!!! if your a walking dead fan then this is a must get!! its super...
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    BF3 Update AlienFX

    thanks for the heads up!!
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    BF3 Update AlienFX

    i was playing with it yesterday for a little bit just to check it out and it really lets you know when you should be worried about your health! LOL i wish their was a way to disable it tho
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    my newest additions

    this is soooo sick! i was thinking to do the same in the near future, right now im broke as a joke
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    Winamp AlienFX Plugin

    finally got it working for me. its pretty cool, just a few minor tweeks and i will have it all set!
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    Upgrade Ram?

    thanks for the heads up guys!
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    Looking for new (free!) games to play

    i am not sure if you will play this but as of right now im playing the ghost recon online beta and so far its surprisingly pretty good to be a free game. you should check out some videos and see if its your type of game! i think you should give it a try
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    Upgrade Ram?

    so im deciding on upgrading my ram im at 4 right now and was thinking to bump it up to 6 but im not sure if i should or should i just wait and do it later all i do is either play bf3 or surf the web so im not sure let me know if i should or if i shouldnt