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    Upgrading to Win 10

    yep, my windows updater says i am fully updated, but the stuff I download from the windows site to try to figure out the problem say that I am not but wont tell me what the problem is
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    Upgrading to Win 10

    Hey everyone! I am on an Alienware 14 running Windows 7 Home Premium and according to Microsoft am "Not currently eligible to upgrade due to compatibility issues" Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Screen Refresh Lines

    no, mine are horizontal and scrolling down the screen, looks like you have a couple pixel lines out. if you still have warranty, i think they cover that.
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    Screen Refresh Lines

    I have discovered some new information on this subject, The lines only appear when i am using the HDMI port to add a second screen (which i do A LOT), and when a 3rd screen is added, the problem goes away. It looks to me like it is a synchronization issue between the GPU and the screen's refresh...
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    Screen Refresh Lines

    I have had my Alienware 14 for about 9 months now, and for the past 3 there has been an annoying issue with my screen where when i am watching videos or playing games, or doing basically anything that moves across the screen, there is a tear line horizontal across the screen. when i called tech...
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    Defective Alienware 14 Laptops

    It would seem that we have had some similar issues with our computers. out of the box, AlienFX did not work, and half of the drivers on my "brand new" computer were out of date by about 4 years and were useless. Alienware's solution for this was to open up the computer and remove the battery...
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    5.1 sound port issues

    So i live in the dorms with a room mate, and i have a 5.1 sound system that i like to keep plugged into my laptop, unfortunately my room mate does not understand that i don't like it when he pulls the cables so he can put his ipod in. as long as the plugs stay in when my computer is in sleep or...
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    Can only push one or two buttons at a time on keyboard?

    When you think about gaming on a computer, a lot of times you have to push between one and six buttons at a time. The keyboard on my laptop only seems to be able to register two at a time, and i cant use the arrow keys and the letters at the same time. it also has the tendency to disable the...
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    AlienAutopsy -- Your Alienware's best friend!

    you go tit just in time then. my computer is a July 2009 and alien autopsy doesn't support my machine. it supports the new one i just got, but not this one...