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    Water cooled x51

    New r3 released today.... Looks like alienware used my water cooler idea! Where's my money?
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    New AW 17(2015) keyboard replace?

    When dell replaced my m17xr4 with a new aw17 I was pissed because I hated the new keyboard.... then I used it. While I still like the keycaps from the old keyboards, the feel of the new keyboard is 10 times better than the old.
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    Purchased Alienware M11x ($250.00 USD)

    I keep all my old laptops :) I have a pile of fully working upgraded laptops in my basement.... I eventually want to get a cool display case for them.
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    Purchased Alienware M11x ($250.00 USD)

    NIce, the r2 was a ok machine, while it doesnt have the power of the r3, or the battery life of the r1, its still a potent little box.
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    AWO 2015

    I like it, very smooth looking.
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    External Speakers

    1 Yes, plug them into the headphone jack 2 Select "headphones" is fine 3 NO, USB speaker will use their own built in sound cards and generally sound poor.
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    x51 Upgrade to 750 GTX 1gb = bios update required?

    You should be just fine with that card in your computer. The only thing you would need to update your bios for is if you wanted to upgrade your cpu from a sandy bridge to a ivy bridge. I actually have that card in mine, runs great, but I got the acx version (twin fans) so I have to leave the...
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    DMC Port

    Search mpcie to usb adapter and you should find it. But, on the 14s the dmc slot can also be used for a msata ssd, I have a 32gb msata in my dmc slot for caching..
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    Upgrading the m17x r4 graphics

    Not sure if thats the one or not, but I think its going to be a bios for the video card itself (vbios) Im not 100% on this all, svl7 is the expert here on that, but I dont think he is on this msg board.
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    Upgrading the m17x r4 graphics

    You would need to flash the card with some new bios that allows the computer to see it correclty.
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    Upgrading the m17x r4 graphics

    They are wrong, the new cards use less power than the old ones. It should work just fine, you may need a modded bios for it though to get it to work right. Just check out google and you should find the files you need to get it running.
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    They changed their minds, now you can only go to lvl 1. To be honest, its not worth it... I put mine to lvl 1, the only change I noticed was the fan runs all the time, I switched back to it being off, now the fan doesnt run as much.
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    mSATA/HDD Advice

    Thats what I would do personally. Loading windows on the 80gb drive will fill up fast. Just remember that the default install path for everything is the drive windows is on. So, if you used the 80gb, then you would have to manually tell everything what drive to install to so you dont fill up...
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    mSATA/HDD Advice

    I guess it all depends on your final goal and use for the laptop is... if you like me, I carry nearly 1tb of music, 600gbs of games a bunch of bluray rips. So for me, massive storage is needed. If you dont plan to carry a huge amount of media, getting a 2.5 inch ssd, load windows onto that...
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    mSATA/HDD Advice

    In my 17 I went with a 256gb boot drive, and a pair of 1 tb hdds for data. All programs and a few games are on the msata drive, all storage and remaining games are on the 2 hdds (raid for a single 2tb drive) I have about 120gb remaining on the boot drive and the hdds have some space left too.