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    M14x Raffle Ideas

    I can use another mx14 :) lol im in for 10 tickets also :)
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    What's Your Dream PC?

    What exzactly do you do with 9 Monitors? and why not just make it 10 while your at it?
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    Your Internet Speed Thread!

    LOL imma leech :-/ but anyways, I want 100mb Service soooooo bad but its not available here yet(maybe for a long while)
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    What's Your Dream PC?

    thanks, I built it with the 570 to save some money, but i did get the 2.5gb version :)
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    What's Your Dream PC?

    Hmm I just built me my current dreammachine, 8 core Bulldozer with 16gbram and dual GTX570 :)
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    same, but can u tell me where to find the rule lol i looked FOREVER! and didnt see it... just curious
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    Max Payne 3

    yea cant wait steam teaser paints a pretty picture..
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    Where Are You From?

    I was Raised in palm harbor/clearwater do you know of it Jenova?
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    FREE: Batman Arkham City download code.

    lol it is a fun game only played it for like 2 hours but its fun
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    New owner in NW GA

    welcome :)
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    herro all, Question in regards to giveaways, I looked around for details and rules but didnt find any in forum rules(specific to my question) , how many posts are required to enter a giveaway?
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    elCam in the HOUSE!

    thanks guys :) add me on steam or origins :)
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    Mass Effect 3

    add me on origins I have yet to play this online :) "elCaminaTor"
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    Any anime fans here?

    It was cool I watched the whole series but as stated That is Westerns animation...
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    Any anime fans here?

    Cowboy Bebop, Vash the Stampede, Blood, Fist Of the North Star,Akira, all EPIC!!!