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    M11x r1 and world of warcraft

    I downloaded the newest drivers but how can I tell if its running on that and not my intel graphic
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    M11x r1 and world of warcraft

    Is there a way to fix it without using a VGA I have nvidia GeForce gt 335m
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    M11X help wanted urgently please

    I built mine and you can buy the discs off eBay for less than 14 bucks windows 7 or the m11x driver recovery discs
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    M11x r1 and world of warcraft

    Hi I just recently built a m11x and someone told me since it had a intel core 2 duo that's it's a r1 I upgraded the hd to a 1 tb and ram up to 8 gb and installed my game wow and it still lags even though the requirements for wow is only 30gb hd space and 2gb of ram at the minimum. Can someone...