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    Another New Member

    Thanks all.
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    Another New Member

    I'm a little late in answering you..LOL. I am living in Alaska now. Originally from Vegas.
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    M14x Raffle Ideas

    +1 for red. :)
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    New M18x Owner Here

    Your bro is one lucky person. :)
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    lol :D
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    Aurora Case

    I'm looking for the stock look. Will the paint match and look like it was original?
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    SSD upgrade done

    I have the same SSD in my desktop. Has been working flawless with no noticable slow downs.
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    eReader WiFi Prob

    I am going to try this when I get back home tonight. Thx!!!!
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    Another New Member

    Hi WaLkAway. What part of the Earth are you from? :p
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    Aurora Case

    Anyone know where I could get just the Aurora case in really good condition? :D eBay only has scratched up ones.
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    eReader WiFi Prob

    My girl's Nook Simple Touch will not connect to our home network. I tried the factory reset on the Nook, but no luck. It's driving me nuts cause she is on my case about it every day. It sees my network, but keeps looping and saying "Obtaining IP address". Any Ideas?
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    Another New Member

    I figured I would start a newbie thread too. I been here a few days now. Keep up the good work!
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    TactX Headset - Any good?

    I had them. Not bad at all. They come with an extension, which is nice when you are sitting right in front of your Alienware.
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    M14x owner

    Hello, I can help out too if you need some more help.
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    The Bored Thread.

    Hi WaLkAway.... how did you come up with that name?