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    Hello, I have an Aurora R4 that had a hard drive failure. I dont have an OS for it since I bought it used and now I'm trying to figure out my options

    Do you know if the machine had been upgraded to windows 10 in the past? If it has been, all you need to do is download the windows 10 image from Microsoft (pro or home and 64 bit of course) if you know what version of 7 it had, makes it easier. make a bootable USB stick with the win10 image (you...
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    Noob needs help

    First get all the dust build up blown out of your case and fans, second get the thermal paste replaced on the CPU. Keeping your temps down is super important with such a small case. This not the best case to get for a "noob" to start doing mods in due to very little room for expansion, tight...
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    Uprading a R2 to a 1050ti HELP

    yes it shouldn't be a problem. I'm running one in my r2. temps are good too.
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    Question about gpu upgrade

    I upgraded to the 1050ti no problems -240w, i5 4460 had a GTX 745. I used this one some cards might be too tall, make sure you check your specs.
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    gpu upgrade

    It would help to list what power adapter in watts your using and what generation of x51 your is. There are 180, 240 or 330watt power bricks, and for example mine is a x51 r2 (second generation) with a 240 watt power brick. I recently upgraded to this video card...