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    Alienware Resource DVD

    What is he doesn't have another computer to get the network drivers lol. It's good for something, even if it's simple.
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    WTS: Intel Core i7-4770

    It means the processor is unlocked and you can overclock it.
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    WTS: Intel Core i7-4770

    lol I gotcha. No, it's no the "K" version.
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    WTS: Intel Core i7-4770

    It's working perfectly fine, just upgraded;) Asking $220 for it and it will come with the stock heatsink (can't find my Cooler Master EVO 212). I use the Cash app for transactions and will ship overnight as soon as payment arrives/same day. Message me with questions if any, thanks guys!
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    Comment by 'jayhernandez7' in media 'Black Alienware Predator Mod'

    This is from, a mod done by Bill Owen. Beautiful result of a master modder.
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    Need to know model number of case to find parts

    Take a large and clear photo of the front and rear of the case please.
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    Alpha Resolution Issues - Please Help!

    If you just purchased it, return it to Dell or have them send a technician out to help you. Dell chat!
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    Alienware Resource DVD

    Drivers, software, manual, etc. If it's the Recovery Disc, that contains the OS.
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    Help need windows 7 iso for my m14x r2

    Well what version of Windows did it come with?
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    x51 R1 Power Board Upgrade Gone Wrong

    You should try a new CMOS battery. This might seem small and stupid, but you'd be surprised lol.
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    2017 is bringing me some good changes

    Slow progress is good progress!
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    2017 is bringing me some good changes

    I really like the color bro! Great job on the painting! Can't wait to see more progress!!
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    problem creating factory recovery media

    What format is your external HDD on?
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    upgrading gpu, few questions.

    Yes, definitely upgrade your BIOS one version at a time. I had an issue where I went to the latest version and had to flash it to the factory version and install each one at a time. Also, what are you going to do with that 690?