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    Had a shit Valentines day ....

    Mine sucked. Mainly because both of us worked and it was a hell of a day at work too. Was fine otherwise. We work a lot so we have come to realize we don't have to celebrate everything that day. Just next time we get the time :) But as for fights, we have been through our fair share of them. I...
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    Diablo 3

    Sadly, I've been disinterested in games for a few months now. I don't know why. Only have a few big titles to wait for. Final fantasy titles, kingdom hearts, not much else.. Everything just seems to be done to me. Nothing fantastically different or appealing. Good thing, I guess. Making me focus...
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    Big Bang Theory - Alienware

    Never saw that show. I have seen it used in a couple Korean shows and also in Dexter. Love that show.
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    Wired internet?

    Yeah the wireless card it came with just pissed me off while playing online games. I use a dlink external wireless card, never drops a signal for me.
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    FS: Alienware M11X R1 (Almost new condition!)

    I TRULY wish I had the money to get this. I did tell my gf she can get an Alienware laptop instead of an iPad! No bite though. I'd rather have the laptop :( GLWS, great machine there.
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    Tropical Storm Ike is here

    Meh, Isaac is nothing. Born in panama city Florida and live in Georgia now, my gf and I actually miss hurricanes. Just don't live where it floods and you'll be alright.
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    What movie did you just see?

    Me and my gf are on a Scrubs binge.
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    BlackJair and Maelstrom have joined the AWO Staff

    Congrats. Always looking for a good read. Don't let us down :)
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    Oculus Rift

    Very very cool, this is going to be groundbreaking if they get support from all of those big companies.
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    M14x Raffle Ideas

    A heated debate. Cant wait to see what it comes down to :)
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    M14x Raffle Ideas

    I'm sure it would be just like reserving a random number and it chooses a random number. More numbers you have reserved the higher chance to have your number chosen. Might be ticket numbers or something.
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    M14x Raffle Ideas

    I agree with this. RAM and HD are easily upgraded. Save money where you can by nixing easily upgraded things so you can get it raffled of more easily/quickly. I could definitely get in on this :)
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    Diablo 3

    Lol I have 4000dps on my 54 barb w/ no buffs. 10k with war cry and berserker and it seems like its not enough in hell.
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    Diablo 3

    1-30 for normal 30-50 for nm and 50-60 for hell. 60 + good gear for inferno. So you are one level higher than you need to be. Spend a little time on the auction house buying up some gear. Dex/vita for you.