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    Have a Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands EMEA Uplay CD Key for sale.

    I bought a region locked game code :(. Asking 30 USD for it. Attached is the proof I bought it. This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  2. Cosmic Blue M17x R2

    Cosmic Blue M17x R2

    Tore down my m17x r2 and gave it new life with new paint
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    Comment by 'jimbo312' in media 'My fully operational setup'

    awsome case. if i was gonna have a vintage alienware chassis it would be that predator 2.0 alx you have right there.
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    New Alienware laptops

    the new ones have some neat features but i still prefer the older ones over the newer ones as far as looks are concerned. if they would have kept the nameplate and the old keyboard i wouldn't mind them so much.
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    Is The Upgrade A Good Decision - Quick Reply Please

    as far as performance is concerned you would be better off with the new alienware 14. it has much better upgradeable choices and i wouldn't worry about the ram. ram is cheaper to upgrade yourself anyway.
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    My M15x for sale

    looks like a good piece. hope the best for you selling it.
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    Desktops or laptops

    if i was going to get a desktop i would much rather just build one. if im going to buy an alienware im gonna get a laptop. thats why i got a m17x. i think alienware has some of the best laptops on the market but i don't see much advantage of getting the desktop unless its the bragging rights...
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    You want an Aurora?

    where do they get this stuff. is it damaged that dell sent away or what?
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    What browser do you use?

    i use firefox. IE don't seem to work just right. seems kinda buggy to me.
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    Your Internet Speed Thread!

    Im faster than 75% of the us:)
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    What do you have under the hood

    M17x R3 Black Intel Core I7 2630QM 8GB DDR3 1333MHz 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6970m 17.3" LED 60HZ 1600x900 Display 350GB 5400RPM HDD
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    Your Height and Weight?

    im about 5'10" 155Lbs
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    Reason why you chose your avatar?

    i chose mine because its a pic of my laptop:)
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    Look what the Fedex guy just dropped off!

    wow. you must really like the tactx line of products. i haven't owned any but wouldn't mind giving it a try.