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    M14x RC2

    I wonder if I can order from US site and have it delivered to the UK :-?
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    M14x RC2

    Dell has just announced their new M14x, with Geforce 650M and dual hard disk option. I'm considering order one, what's your opinion on their update?
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    SIM Card slot?

    So no one has normal sim worked on Aw :-?
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    Chinese or Japenese?

    I love the sushi, but China has many more meals to offer
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    Your Current Weather/Temp Thread.

    Edinburgh has some hails yesterday, but now it's seem ok
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    China?!??!! :(

    The 3 words "made in china" seems to be the most popular 3 words in the world, even more than I love you T_T
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    The "Song of the Day" thread. Muse: cant take my eyes off you
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    Where Are You From?

    First one from Vietnam i would say :))
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    I'm using logitech G500. Great mouse for daily routine, totally love it. However I'm planning to buy one razer mouse because of its beauty :sexy:
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    I think the lycosa is a nice one, but a bit loudly.
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    Changing Your Windows 7 Login Screen

    I think the initial one is good, really grab others attention
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    SIM Card slot?

    so what the point of the slot. I very interested in it as giffgaff has offer of unlimited internet for a reasonable price.
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    Your Internet Speed Thread!

    These numbers are just number, have never get even close to it :))
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    Dota 2

    Nice game. But takes time to get used to the change :))
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    What browser do you use?

    Firefox ftw. Love its wonderful add on :)