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    Please Help!

    Yep, that really was a cry out for help! My Aurora R4 somehow managed to get a nasty piece of Malware on it called "Delta Search Hijacker". I dont know how it got on but anyway, I was worried about it gathering my personal info such as banking logins etc so thought best to be belt and braces...
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    Newby Saying Hello

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. DeRon1 I wouldn't promote getting a divorce, but for a second I had to think haha!! ;-) I have the 256gb SSD option. :) It boots up, fins flair and ready in about 15 seconds. Awesome peice of kit!! I use this machine only for bf3 right now and also to...
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    Newby Saying Hello

    Is there a better looking Desktop? ;)
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    Fx theme show them!

    I used to be able to preview the pre loaded FX but know when I click preview on a theme it locks up the software. :( I have all the effects turned off but they light up in BF3, I quite like it. Start off Blue then goes to flashing red when your hurt. :D
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    Newby Saying Hello

    Glad to hear I wont need to do a fresh install. I shall look forward to the godlike voice declaring "holy sh*t"! Cheers for the welcome. :)
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    Newby Saying Hello

    New member saying hi. Just placed an order for a new Aurora a couple of days back and looking forward to recieving it! :D I would like to ask how the backup is for support such as BIOS updates etc. Does the Aurora ship with any bloat? I have specced the following, with a view to...