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    Another noob!

    Welcome !!!
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    So i've been lurking here..

    welcome to the club :)
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    If you have ten minutes of spare time...

    lol awesome !!
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    RAM swap

    awesome those vengance sticks !! and thank you sway i appreciate your time and help on this :)
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    RAM swap

    a friend told me he saw a huge difference like when loading skyrim with 200 mods that the surroundings wouldload way faster ive done some research and even on the dell site its possible to order the rig with 2133, and found out that the mobo can take up to 1600 32gb or 2133 8gb i didnt hear of...
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    RAM swap

    i want to change my 32gb 1600 to 8gb 2133 mhz is it worth it ? for my R4 rig ?
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    New to the forum

    Welcome :) - - - - - Updated; Double Post Auto Merged - - - - - Welcome :)
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    My alien fx stopped working !!>?

    ah i havnt checked out the new version yet will do :) thank you
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    New X51 owner late finding the forum

    Welcome Home !! :)
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    Wireless Game Pad 4 Phone

    i have no idea :) there is a link on top of the pics for more info !!
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    My modded Aurora R3

    Sir_Gawain wauw !!
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    My alien fx stopped working !!>?

    yeah ive got it i had to reinstall but also take out the reg keys and lil files like that who tend to stay behind after uninstalling its fixed now :) thank you anyway Yikes what does still bother me is the mouse ci thats no where to be found if i install keyboard which i dont have the...
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    Startup & BF3 Framerates Help

    hmm dont know this one !! gonna check it out
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    DELL / ALIENWARE Company Reps

    awesome good to know !
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    Hi guys

    lol gratz on both machines :) i know you will enjoy them both