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    In Love!

    General maintenance really is required on high performance gaming laptops.
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    New owner with problematic multimedia keys

    Yes those touch panels do need the correct drivers to work properly, though they should be on the default install.
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    overclocking help and advice needed for my new m18x

    That's the sweet spot of overclocking for most people :) Making the most of what you have and not always adding anything extra.
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    Over clocking your m18x , good or bad idea ?

    Well my overclocking adds the majority of the performance of your card onto mine :p
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    Over clocking your m18x , good or bad idea ?

    *sigh* yeah, it's true, that's why I moved on from the GX60 so quickly, if I could have found a way to clock the CPU it would have been a great system, AMD had to lock it down with an anvil though.
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    Over clocking your m18x , good or bad idea ?

    As always as long as you watch the temps you are good to go really. My little MSI has no issues at 4.2ghz CPU (4 core turbo) and 1033/2650 on my 680M so I think your 18 inch beast should cope.
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    Not with the 1155 platform though, you need full workstation chips for that.
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    Will over clocking fix this issue ?

    Remember always that SLi requires two identical copies of memory, all data must be written twice (once to each memory bank) meaning you get no extra memory write bandwidth so you get more extra core speed than bandwidth so memory speed can become more important.
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    WiDi - Wireless Display

    I believe the 7970M has been made to work in it, but it becomes a balancing act of GPU power vs CPU as if combined they go over a certain amount it throttles. You could look to see if a firepro M4000 works as that would be as fast as the 5870M or faster but be much lower power wise.
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    Will over clocking fix this issue ?

    The core overclocking max setting is set to a point that no significant damage can be done. You would have to flash the Vbios to get more but that is starting to get deep into OCing. The primary thing to always watch is temperatures and anything below 80C for the GPU is very good.
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    M17x R4, Nvidia GTX 675m problem

    Yeah, shorts dont always leave physical signs (see static for instance), congrats on having it working again :)
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    WiDi - Wireless Display

    So what are the plans on the M15X?
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    Will over clocking fix this issue ?

    You download MSI afterburner and drag the slider to the right :) Go small steps (50mhz) each time starting with +400mhz and see until you see crashing or artifacts, at that point back off 100mhz.
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    WiDi - Wireless Display

    One is not so much the problem as 3 ;)
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    New M14 coming today...Sometime

    It's always the worst part lol, your new baby will be there soon ;)