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    For Sale M18xR2

    bump 2600 shipped memorial weekend only
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    For Sale M18xR2

    I am selling my alienware m18xr2 laptop. specs are 3940xm cpu 2x nvidia 675m's in sli for the gpu's 2x samsung 512gb ssd's in raid0 16gig's of ram blueray player killer 1103 i have the original retail box with alienware mousepad , cloth cover. laptop is nebula red Asking $2750 free...
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    CPU Upgrade: Do I need to improve cooling?

    with an xm processer u will want to get the triple heatsink if available those things get hot
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    problem key

    just call alienware they will overnight u a new keyboard i had the same issue
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    Killer Wireless N 1103 issues

    ya always download the latest friver for the killer site itself. dells are so out dated
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    Works right out of the box?

    you are going to be so happy what specs did u get?
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    Dodgy Key board strokes on M17xR3

    mine did the same thing and the keyboard had to be replaced. dell told me it was beacuse of heat
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    R3 takes ages to boot up

    i would upgrade to an ssd hard drive for the os my r2 boots up in around 28 seconds with one
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    what's the opinions of the M17 corp R1

    i have the r2 and i still love it it is amazing
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    M17x R1 benchmaking

    i think heaven is the best free one out there from my experiance what are your specs?
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - $20 OFF!

    Good game short story line lol