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    Giveaways? Info about levels and number of entries here:
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    Any anime fans here?

    I stopped watching Bleach nearly 150 ep's ago :/ Think it was during a long ass fight/filler that took 6+ep's... Anything this season worth watching? Going start Dusk Maiden of Amnesia and Mysterious Girlfriend X this weekend.
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    weekly everyone can enter. Monthly lvl 1+ (100+ post) can enter.
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    What's Your Dream PC?

    They have that already: :rolleyes: The type they have on CSI (and other tv shows) were it's 99% touch or voice commands and a huge ass 3D/4D(?) projection screen would be cool. /edit how do you remove attachments!
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    Want to Buy Nvidia GeForce GTX 555

    OEM is still new just doesn't come with some of the extra stuff (manual's and what not). Can't find the 555 but I suggest looking at for a similar card they tend to be the cheapest.
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    Hard Drive Problem

    I'd just replace (and copy files) before HD completely dies. The "click of death" normally means the HD is about to fail (sooner or latter). It clicks when the little arm inside goes to the middle/resting area when not reading date if it's repetitive it's likely hardware (circuit board,head, or...
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    M18x Screen

    From what I've Google'd............. I think it's a Twisted nematic (TN) screen. Found this it talks abit about it. from 5th post: shows an IPS...
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    PlayStation 4 / Orbis

    So there's a PlayStation 4 (code name Orbis) coming out some time late 2013. Mainly just spec's confirmed: Also it seems most (all?) PS4/Orbis games will be tied to your PSN (PlayStation...
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    Most used Windows Gadgets?

    I use CPU usage and network meter (keeps track of usage amount) also have Norton antivirus b/c it balances my screen layout.
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    Dual Displays on M14x

    Soon everyone will learn to fear my Google skills. <3 google it's the only search engine I use.
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    Dual Displays on M14x

    From what I've gooogled it should be able to do 3 (4 including its own). From random googleing:
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    AMD Radeon 7970 giveaway!

    psss psssssss PSSSSSSSSSSS The link is messed up **DEAD LINK**
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    Your Funny Wireless Network Names

    $37/mo I only get that ping 5-6 hours a day (5pm till 11pm) rest of the day it's under 50ping 0-5jitter. ISP is "looking into it"... it's been half a year (but only called them last mouth)
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    Your Funny Wireless Network Names

    If I lived near other people it would be my ping test... It'll scare them off.
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    Fake Books vs Real Books: Anyone Own a Kindle or Nook?

    I use a Kindle. It's cheaper (most of the time and 100's of freebie books) takes up less room and can keep small children quite (simple games/app's).