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    Brand New Alienware 14

    M14x or the 14???
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    Should I return my m14x r2 for the alienware 14??

    Ah TT_TT I want a new 14 too...xD Sorry my pretty M14x R2...
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    AlienFX Question

    Hmm, honestly, I always feel the Alienware letters colors are a bit off.
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    AlienAutopsy says DVD-RW Drive not supported

    When I was running the alienautopsy checkup, it says everything passed except the DVD-RW Drive - Matshita DVD+-RW UJ8A7 in which it says not supported for the DRAM Test, Flash Rom test, and Main IC test. Can someone tell me what this means?
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    Flickering Screen

    I started up my laptop at the school library today and by the time you see the windows login screen, the screen is flickering. There are lines of colored lines that keep coming and disappearing and the screen sometimes looks as if it's shaking. I called up Dell and they took control of my...
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    Sounds Disappearing at Times

    Yup, that was one of the first things I did before trying a restart when it happened the first time.
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    Sounds Disappearing at Times

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has this problem where the playback sounds just stop working sometimes. Sometimes it's at start-up and other times it's in the middle of gaming. This can usually be fixed with restarting the laptop, but I was just wondering if there was a permanent solution...
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    Checkin' in with my Alienware m14x r2 :D

    Yeah! Woot woot to M14x owners :3
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    I just bought it xD So far it's pretty good, I haven't played CS for years.
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    No numpad on M14x

    Hmm, part of me wishes they kept the M15x instead. That can probably fit a numpad. The M17x is just too big.
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    Urgent bios recovery help for m14x R2

    Wow that's scary O_O I'm so glad nothing bad happened to mine. At first it froze my laptop but I heard the fan running so I assumed it was running, so I just waited and it turned out fine.
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    Chassis Problems

    The tech came over today to replace the parts. The LCD screen problem is fixed and the top cover strip. ^__^. The chassis might of been the wrong part that got replaced. Instead of the palmrest it's actually the side thingy...that needs to be replaced. My new left click button on...
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    Next AWO Giveaway Poll

    The mouse :3 the mouse :3 I ordered a $7 desert eagle mouse on ebay from China already.
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    I'm Brand Spanking New to this site!

    Welcome :3 Hope you don't leave too soon.
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    Chassis Problems

    Whew, sorry, double post, but I'm so happy. Called just now and they said they'll ship me parts and send a technician over! <3 Alienware.