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    nivida driver for the alienware 17 7800M

    I myself am using Geforce Experience to keep my graphics card's drivers up to date. And have had no issues along with it.
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    largest hdd you can install?

    I myself am using a 1.5GB HDD from HGST the Travelstar 5K1500 it worked like a treat for me. Might be a little cheaper than the Sumsung M9T too :P. Hope this helps others as well.
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    New Alienware 17" User Here

    Well if no one else with welcome you. Then I will. Welcome to the club :P
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    Just Ordered the 17.

    It should run the game with 30fps on average. Depending on how much it has to render with rendering big masses players etc. as an example. But yes, you should be fine ;). MMORPG's tend to be more cpu dependant.
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    Regarding Alienware 17

    I believe that the MSI had some more options of multiple HDD's in their laptops. Overall it's just about looks and preferences of the consumer likes or doesn't like.
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    new alienware 17 owner!!!!...

    What you also could try is to download the Nvoptimustestviewer tool if you're running a Nvidia graphics card. It will tell you if it's using the graphics card or the onboard one.
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    getting a new m17x

    It's true that the 880m is just a rebrand of 780m with only a bump in core clock speed of 10%. Not much of a difference in my opinion and that they've improved video ram on it. I'd go with anything that's within your budget. Although I'd go for high end like i have done 780m style :D.
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    Finger print marks!

    Surface cleaning wipes is what i use. Then clean it off with a microfibre cloth.