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    "unable to connect"

    "unable to connect" Okay, so when I try to load some websites on Firefox, I get a rejection saying "unable to connect Firefox can't establish a connection to the server" I tried Google, and haven't found an answer, and I also get the same problems when I try using Chrome. My free...
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    Games Sub-Forum

    Just wondering... is there a reason there's not Sub-Forum for StarCraft? Or is there not a large group of AWO that play SC? DEFINITELY a game worth checking out to anyone who hasn't played yet. :P
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    Software Suggestions?

    I know it was already posted, but definitely download rainmeter. Awesome program. :)
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    Alienware M17xR4 Official Dell Service Manual **MUST READ**

    Just wanted to say thanks for the manual. Definitely gonna be reading this soon, Hopefully I'll be upgrading to a SSD soon. :)
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    Custom Vinyl Skins for Alienware

    I would probably get a set, but I would definitely only use the upper outside skin. I already have a screen protector that I ordered with my Alienware, and I enjoy the "soft touch" feeling of my keyboard area. But some of those skins are pretty awesome. :D
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    Would you buy this mouse?

    I'd probably buy it for the looks and use occasionally, since its just 20 bucks. :) But definitely wouldn't use it all the time or when gaming.
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    Win 8 wrong choice

    Yea... restarting or shutting down is a pain. It takes about 4-5 steps just to do such a simple task... It's more designed for tablets...
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    Had my Alienware a few weeks and love it!

    I just recently got mine too. And it's a great feeling to become an AWO. :)
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    New AWO

    Hey guys. Just got my Alienware M17 back in December '12 (a Christmas present to myself :D) It's a great Laptop and enjoying every minute of being an AWO. Just found this terrific community, so I can learn how to maximize the potential of my AW. :D
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    Newcomer from Apple's world :)

    *thumbs up* for moving from Apple back to PC :p