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    You want an Aurora?

    Bump for Aurora details. ;)
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    Look what the Fedex guy just dropped off!

    You're starting a TactX collection I see. LOL ;)
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    You want an Aurora?

    I would like to see the details too.
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    Windows 8 or Winblows 8 ?

    After reading Vista thread (i think I just threw in my mouth a little) :D I felt the need to start a Windows 8 or should I say Winblows 8? Who is running the Beta? Does it really have those stupid looking box things for a desktop? Can you get rid of that and run like Win 7? They keep...
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    Give-A-Way Suggestions

    Agreed, but some places, depending where you live is easier with an online store gift card. I'm in the US, so it doesn't matter to me.
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    The "Movie Name" Game.

    The Dark Knight
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    eReader WiFi Prob

    Seems to be a problem with all Nook Simple Touches running the latest 1.1.0 software. My friend just had the same issue less than a week ago after the auto update. Here is the fix until B&N updates the software...
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    TactX Headset - Any good?

    My $10 headset took a crap. Is the TactX headset any good? Are they comfortable too?
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    The Bored Thread.

    What are we talking about here?? :confused: :o
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    X51 Poll - Who is getting one?

    I ordered one today. I finally got my free promo $100 Dell giftcard from a purchase I made in Decemember, so I used that to get the price down. Now the wait!
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    Rainbow 6 players?

    Oh yeah. I played up to Vegas 2. I been watching for news on this. I hope they get it released soon. I'm itching to play!
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    What's Crack'in

    I'm Mark. Proud owner of an Aurora. Had it now for about two weeks. My Specs: i7-3960X GTX 560Ti 256GB SSD 16GB 1600Mhz Ram I plan on adding another 560Ti card soon. My best friend also has an Aurora so I will tell him to join when I see him tomorrow.