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    WTs m18x i73940x , dual gtx680m, 16gb ram

    Ok , it's going on eBay , collection from uk only
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    WTs m18x i73940x , dual gtx680m, 16gb ram

    Wts m18x i73940x, dual gtx680m sli , 16gb ram , 750gb hhd , killer wireless card, around 7 months old so still under warranty, £2,000 I'm in the uk Thx
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    [Wanted] Alienware M14x R2 /w 2gb GT650m

    I have a m18x in thinking of selling but I'm in the uk , and clear it is not a m14 like what you are asking for lol
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    I got my beast today!!!

    Small but with raw power inside , nice and welcome
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    Just got my alienware 14

    Welcome buddy
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    waited 10yrs and I now have one!

    Nice machin , welcome
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    Welcome , I would love to start modding my new case
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    New To Alienware

    Welcome to the clan
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    Oh, hello there. o.o

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    Alien FX

    I had some issues with mine , after a call to dell support they changed some settings and all is correct now ... Sorry I can't remember what they changed :-( , but it is fixable , just may need to ring support for it
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    please can any one help with evga precision x

    hello please can any one help me ,, i thought i would try out the evga precision x after having used msi afterburner for a long time with no issues , as soon as i turn on precision x i get a flashing bar in many different colors on the left hand side on the screen in any game i load up...
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    overclocking 4930mx

    Im interested to know and hear from any one who has the new i7 4930mx cpu's , how are they at overclocking compared to the older i7 3940mx ? Iv read that they run much hotter that 3rd gen cpu , making it not possible to overclock them as far as the 3rd gen ? can any of you tell me if this...
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    please help, questions for my new 18

    I did know their was a difference lol .. I will check and post a update