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    M14X cable

    So my power cable that came with my M14X R2 seems dead, the light at the end isn't coming on and it doesn't charge my laptop, no tear visible no drop. even my laptop said battery at 0%, im using another cable but I got a warning saying it wasn't powerful enough -.- really..... so how can I get a...
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    Change hard drive to SSD

    Hi guys, I have a 720gb 7200rms hard drive that came with the computer and id like to go for 1TB ssd, is that poaaible, like would it fit? thanks
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    upgrade time?

    Quick question, I see most people here keep getting the new system like alienware 14, I have the M14X specs below. So is it time to throw it or can I run stuff coming out like BF4??? I feel like AW owner are rich lol and especially shopping around I terribly regret my choice since I see MSI...
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    Should I return my m14x r2 for the alienware 14??

    All I know is that the new M14 got destroyed by PC Gamer which was surprising, Im currently questioning my rig since I see so much better with MSI for at least 1k less ugh is alienware really worth it
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    Battlefield 4

    can a GT555M run this?
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    I got AVG free edition, well see how goes i just really dont want to pay for that
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    So my subsciption ran out and i decided to delete mcafee, what else should I get or should I even care really??? i mean i never had a virus before but anyway i dont mind getting something basic but i dont want to pay for mcafee or should I ?
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    First rig :D

    M14X are cool :D
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    gpu change

    main reason why i didnt its cause i wanted small and portable and also i really love alienware i really do but M17X and M18X are stupidly overpriced for what they offer, I checker Sager or Msi and would have gotten that for the price, so sad AW is so expensive their sales would climb otherwise...
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    M14X hardrive question

    oh thats would be nice cause im running out of room fast with only 750gb
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    What movie did you just see?

    watched Shutter Island last ight lol
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    quick question, I got mcafee with my M14X a year ago now im wondering is it worth keeping? I PC uses AVG but really and honestly i dont believe that much in anti virus i game and check emails, i know norton slows down your computer but i was wondering if I should kill McAfee or replace it...
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    gpu change

    kk so i guess I should just keep my current one, not that it sucks since i run anything i want but i was curious long term so a good reason to buy a new kit in 2 yrs ;)
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    gpu change

    hey everybody! how easy is it to change the gpu and processor in the M14X? i was wondering should I send it to Dell or ask a store around here that i trust, the thing is I do have a AW warranty and dont want to void that so I dont mind sending it to dell, id like to get the best current GPU...
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    Is it wrong !!!

    you know your AW can help surf the net and find cool recipe! oh wait im not helping your addiction am i :P