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    largest hdd you can install?

    I want to buy a new secodary drive my 750gb is running out of space, whats the largest I could install in the alienware 17? - - - - - Updated; Consecutive Post Auto Merged - - - - - Nevermind contacted dell, the alienware 17 hdd capacity limit is 2TB. - - - - - Updated; Consecutive Post Auto...
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    so fan issue?

    had already done the bios update...looks like dell needs to be called...great lol
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    so fan issue?

    I noticed my fans wont turn on...unless when i reboot i go through the bios then i hear them turn on, but other then that the computer will just run, I checked with the bottom lid off the the fans wont spin, unless i go to the bios first for some reason. after they turn on the computer cools...
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    New to AW

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    Running at 800mhz?

    I have no problem opening it up, (had to rebuild my g53sw) lol, I'm gonna give a call to dell though its warrantied they should fix it if theres an issue, I have noticed hang time, and also sound issues where the sound just wont work for maybe a minute then comes back.
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    Running at 800mhz?

    it says it in the bios, cpu-z says it and also 3DMark reads it as 800mhz
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    Running at 800mhz?

    I noticed when benchmarking my alienware 17 my ram is coming up at 800mhz, when advertised at 1600, if i try to clock it to 1600 the computer just beeps after the restart. A previous computer of mine was also DDR3 and i didnt have this it a problem with the computer? I've also noticed...
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    Shipped & should arrive tomorrow.

    welcome v:D - - - - - Updated; Consecutive Post Auto Merged - - - - - i used the nvidia experience program to isntall the 3.27 drivers
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    My beast arrived today!

    welcome nice build.
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    Hi from me in the UK

    welcome, and good xbox feel free to add as well :D "Spacebooger" for xbox, "spaceskorger" steam lol