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    Organized Gaming Team?

    I would entertain that thought, following specific preset gamer group terms. :)
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    Checking in from ATX

    Welcome to AWO.
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    Checking in from ATX

    Welcome Ruthless.
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    A new member....

    Welcome to the AWO crew.
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    Welcome jbearamus.
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    Worth it?

    I've completed 4 builds to date and it's far cheaper to build your own. I purchased an Aurora ALX just to add to my collection, as they have a look of their own. People who visit always ask about the Aurora first as it grabs their attention most.
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    Just another Alienhead

    LOL...just a spark off the yourself bro! :cool:
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    Just another Alienhead

    It's a curse, I know all and see all! :cool: lol
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    Where Are You From?

    ACDC you say...Oi Oi Oi
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    Just another Alienhead

    This ones for Matty. :D
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    My modded Aurora R3

    The beauty of the Exos unit is....It can be place next to your Aurora on the desk. If any asks WTF is that!!!! You reply, "It's a hydro plasma cooling unit for my Alienware Aurora"! :D Truth is the Exos v2 has two pumps, two fans, reservoir and a sizable heat exchange unit. That unit would...
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    Welcome to the party!
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    Desktop Screenshots

    EVE desktop shot. 3 clients running in windowed mode on 2 monitors, working together mining. Cards running @ 76c, GPUs @ 96%, 850MHz/1200MHz.