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    New 780 in an M17x-R4?

    Sell 680m and get a 780m, the difference might not be huge, maybe $200-$250?
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    Noob AW config question

    No, you can boot from mSATA. And you are right, 64G is not enough, you need at least 128G, prefer 180G.
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    GFX Driver Problem M17x R4 w/ 7970

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    GFX Driver Problem M17x R4 w/ 7970

    Not sure why would anyone want the Intel video. I went through a little trouble just to find unlocked M17x R4 BIOS so I can disable the Intel video completely. And I must say I am very happy I do so. Nothing I can do with the Intel video, any AMD or nVidia video is 100 times better.
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    Dell just told my I can't upgrade my GPU on a m17x R4?

    Sure you can upgrade your M17x R4. The heatsink of GTX 660m is compatible with both 680m and even 780m. So when the price hits your sweet point, you can upgrade easily, and maybe sell your 660m for a few bucks.