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  1. MattyB

    Alienware Aurora R3 I7-2600k - bios A11 - Overclock help?

    Honestly most of what I read there says that the 2600K is at the end of its life if you’re doing much more than office stuff. If you want to push it to 4.7 then you’re going to have to upgrade your cooling (which can be expensive) and then you have to spend hours trying to get the overclock...
  2. MattyB


    Welcome! I'm trying to get pre-approval finance from the wife for an Area-51 too for when they launch here in Australia. Let us know what you think of it. The base model will be $4000 here so I'm expecting mine will be close to 5k with options to upgrade some stuff later.
  3. MattyB

    Memory/DRAM Question

    From what it says, it looks like each slot will only take a maximum of 4gb so you'll need 6x4gb to get your 24gb. All the slots do not need to be filled unless you want the max memory. It's possibly that you can use your 8gb sticks but the mobo will only use 4gb of each. You'd have to try and see.
  4. MattyB

    Alienware Aurora R3 I7-2600k - bios A11 - Overclock help?

    It's been a few years since I have done any overclocking but from memory you will need to increase the voltage to keep things stable as you increase the base clock but that can cause it's own problems. It can be a lot of trial and error (crashes and CMOS resetting). To be honest, I don't think...
  5. MattyB

    New Area-51 Laptop!

    Pretty exciting news with the release of the new Area-51 Laptop. This could be my re-introduction into Alienware now that we can upgrade these properly. I think I'll have to sell all my old machines just to get half way to buying one...
  6. MattyB

    Aurora R1 acting strange... motherboard? Power supply? something else?

    I would say it would be an out of date BIOS. I think it got to A11 but can't remember. It's always scary upgrading. Just remember to upgrade each version and not go straight to the latest one, if you decide to do it.
  7. MattyB

    New Alienware 17 R5 owner (to be)

    Welcome! There is no feeling like waiting for your first AW to arrive. You'll be watching the online tracking about 20 times a day for updates.
  8. MattyB

    CPU temps in newly purchased R1

  9. MattyB

    alienware 15 R4 I9 GTX1080 performance issues

    Have to say it just in case but is your driver up to date?
  10. MattyB

    CPU temps in newly purchased R1

    Nice. Good luck! Back in the day one of the guys here (ejohnson or something like that I think) tried installing a water loop in his X51. Don't think he ever got it finished though. Would have been cool.
  11. MattyB

    CPU temps in newly purchased R1

    These ones.
  12. MattyB

    CPU temps in newly purchased R1

    The X51 is poorly designed for effective cooling. I am assuming that your 1060 is the style with the two fans on top. These ones cause the heat to build up in the case as the air cannot escape. The best GPU's for the X51 are the blower type which push the hot air back out the case. You can try...
  13. MattyB

    M11x R2 Has Vertical Lines Coming Down Screen.

    I had the same question after I looked on Aliexpress. Was strange for them to not list the GPU.
  14. MattyB

    Hello, this place has been a great help already

    Welcome! This site really helped me out when I knew nothing about PC's too.
  15. MattyB

    M11x R2 Has Vertical Lines Coming Down Screen.

    Sounds about right with the GPU. I repaired a friends M17x R4 once and it had blue lines through the screen. It was the Nvidia GPU but since yours goes black on the integrated GPU then it's most likely that.I don't know another wat to check though. I haven't had an M11x for a few years. You...
  16. MattyB

    M17x R3 restoration - New Mobo and GPU issuez

    Could be the BIOS for the mobo is out of date. Have a look here.
  17. MattyB

    M17x R3 restoration - New Mobo and GPU issuez

    Hello. A 5 beep code is the CMOS battery. Hopefully it’s just this and will be an easy fix. I’m not sure why it is booting fine without the GPU though so that’s a little strange. Did the new mobo come with the CMOS battery? It’s a small disc like battery which plugs into the mobo.
  18. MattyB

    Alienware 13 Paint Job

    Well it’s all back together (after a mild heart attack due to an 8 beep code which was just me not plugging the LCD cable in properly). I still need to clean up some edges and get some CAT decals.
  19. MattyB

    Alienware 13 Paint Job

    Need to clean up a little bit of paint leach on the black bits but it’s ready to put back together
  20. MattyB

    Older Alienware Tower

    Hey. Not certain but I think that model chassis was called Predator. I bought one a few years ago to rebuild but I never did anything with it and it got thrown away. Can’t tell you the age sorry but if it’s got the original CPU in it then that will give you an idea