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  1. Maelstrom

    iPad Air

    I think you guys are sort of mixing Tablets and Notebooks here. Anything that's going to run some sort of mobile software (Apple iOS or Android) doesn't really need the sort of power you guys are talking about that laptops have. The Edge and Surface are pretty much notebooks with detachable...
  2. Maelstrom

    gaming desktop

    That link doesn't work for me :(
  3. Maelstrom

    gaming desktop

    If you are willing to build the PC yourself then I can try web building you one and sending you the potential parts. That amount in USD is about $500-$650 right? Just checking. Edit: Does that price include things like the OS, monitor, and any peripherals?
  4. Maelstrom

    Suggestions on SSD use

    Put your OS and all your most used programs on the SSD. Everything else can go to the HDD. That's generally the best way to use an SSD of that size.
  5. Maelstrom

    Using an Intel Xeon E3-1290 V2 cpu in an X51 R1

    I see, but if your just going to do some gaming then the Intel Core-i series processors have more than enough power for you. When you do get an Aurora the i-7's that they come with shouldn't really have to be upgraded for a long time. The GPU maybe depending on which one you get.
  6. Maelstrom

    Using an Intel Xeon E3-1290 V2 cpu in an X51 R1

    If the socket is correct, you have the proper wattage requirements and you have some form of graphics, whether it's dedicated or not, then it should work. If your talking about upgrading the CPU that's in the rig in your sig then I don't think that you will find much performance increase, however.
  7. Maelstrom

    Ok quick question

    I have an FN key for the optical drive. I haven't tested to see if I can use it during boot up or any time when windows isn't loaded though.
  8. Maelstrom

    Nvidia new drivers

    In general it is always a good idea to update your video drivers when they come out. If you do have problems (I never have) then you can always roll back to a previous driver version. The driver updates basically keep your video card relevant for longer than if they kept them stock.
  9. Maelstrom

    First time user

    I would check for video card driver updates as soon as you get it. As well as the usual Windows and virus software stuff.
  10. Maelstrom

    Author Tom Clancy Dead at 66
  11. Maelstrom

    $10000 Alienware fossil watch WOW!

    If this had been an actual fossil with an alienhead inscribed in it then maybe...
  12. Maelstrom

    Travel speakers

    O.o I always spelled it grey and I'm from the U.S.
  13. Maelstrom

    Aurora Desktops get new IVY BRIDGE- E CPU's/ AMD-NVIDIA GPU's

    Finally, they've been sitting on Sandy Bridge for a while now.
  14. Maelstrom

    $10000 Alienware fossil watch WOW!

    After doing some research I want to say that this looks like a scam.
  15. Maelstrom

    NEW FEATURE: Member Flags

    How often does it update?
  16. Maelstrom

    Alienware M14x overheating when playing big games

    Yes, you should definitely clean out the heatsink. Also it might be a good idea to blow out the fan with an air can. That usually does wonders for me when it starts getting a little hot. Also see if you can keep the back end of the machine raised so that the fan can get better airflow.
  17. Maelstrom

    M14X R2 CPU Upgrade i5 to i7 possible?

    The CPU is not smoldered to the board and is completely up-gradable. You just need to cross check to make sure that which ever CPU you buy is compatible with the motherboard of the M14x R2.
  18. Maelstrom

    Borderlands 2

    I actually haven't played BL2 yet. I was going to finish playthrough 2 of BL1 and all of it's DLC but I haven't finished the DLC and I've gotten caught up in other games. If anyone here wants to do a new Playthrouhg of BL2 with me then game on.
  19. Maelstrom

    Need advice on Win7 and Win8

    If your ordering from the U.S. they still offer Win7 with new Alienwares. In fact if I remember correctly it costs the same to get Win7 or Win8.