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  1. LukeG310

    SLI bridge type for RTX 2080ti

    Yes the SLI bridge will work even if the cards are not MSI.
  2. LukeG310

    Selling Lunar Gray Area51R1 Case - plastidipped in black

    I am parting out with my Area 51r1 case that originally is space gray but was plastidipped to black. you can remove the black from it as I put 5 coats all over the tower. Looking to sale locally in Los Angeles as shipping is expensive. I have Area 51r1 Case Corsair RM1000i with custom MIO...
  3. LukeG310

    Trying to identify Alienware case

    You have an active card. I am going to check my ALX to see if I still have the installer files after work.
  4. LukeG310

    Trying to identify Alienware case

    Can you take a closeup picture of the board that is on the bottom of the case. I need to know if its an active AlienFX or if it has switches Active Card: Passive card For the Alien FX select the 1.5:!AoZrwLkAt2H0gtlceji_kqT6Sanhaw For the Command Center...
  5. LukeG310

    Trying to identify Alienware case

    My friend you have an Area 51 ALX case. The rear chrome that goes on the exhaust is missing but it doesn’t prevent the case from working. The actual case name would be “Predator 2.1” and only difference between 2.0 is that the case itself is black and grills and rear part were chrome. If you...
  6. LukeG310

    Alienware FX Software not recognizing Alienware Mouse.

    what kind of mouse are you using? I got the Alienware mouse and in addition to updated command center there was a driver that you needed to install so it can be discovered.
  7. LukeG310

    SSD upgrade?

    Hi there. I am getting my M15 tomorrow delivered. You get two NVME SSD slots in addition to SATA (hybrid drive) one since you have the 60wh battery. Those who got the 90wh battery lose the sata 2.5 connection and only get two NVME slots.
  8. LukeG310

    Area 51R1 parts for sale

    These are fully working components of an Area 51R1 that got replaced with newer hardware. You are getting a complete computer except for the Case. Selling all together as a bundle for $265 locally to Los Angeles area. I can ship also but not sure of the cost due to the PSU being heavy. Data...
  9. LukeG310

    Older Alienware Tower

    It has the manual RGB switch settings. Also noticed it sold, congrats!
  10. LukeG310

    Older Alienware Tower

    You got yourself an Area 51 7500 computer prior the Dell buyout. Can you do me a favor and take a picture of the circuit board on the bottom that essentially powers on the LED on the side panel? I want to see if you have the manual RGB card or the card that can change colors through AlienFX...
  11. LukeG310

    Aurora ALX MOD

    Awesome mods !
  12. LukeG310

    WANTED: LF: Black aurora 7500 predator 2 case

    What area are you from? I have a 7500 Predator 2 ALX case but in Silver. you can paint the plastic. It also has the AlienFX that is controlled by software rather than manual switches.
  13. LukeG310

    How to speed up my R3?

    Hi, open up your case and see if there is dust in there, specially where your radiator is. Use compressed air or take the case a gas station and use the air for the tires to give it a good cleaning.
  14. LukeG310

    Area 51 R1 Project

    After almost 10 years looking for the legendary case I was able to get my hands on the Area 51 R1 in great condition. The stories were true, this thing is a beast in terms of height and weight. It has Intel i7 960 with 6gigs of RAM, and 2 Radeon 6960 Crossfire configuration. I actually want to...
  15. LukeG310

    Liquid cooling question on an old ALX-R6

    I want to say you have the heavy Are 51 with fins. I recommend to get the Corsair H100i v2. The radiator can fit on top.
  16. LukeG310

    Replacing liquid cooler pump+fan - Area 51 (2010)

    I recommend the Forsair H100i V2 over the 120mm radiators. Cass-ole has the adapter cable that will work with ant after market water coolers. I used his fable on my Aurora R4 ALX.
  17. LukeG310

    Aurora R4 ALX case with 8700k and RTX 2080ti

    Same here bro, the Area 51 ALX has been a dream!
  18. LukeG310

    Aurora R4 ALX case with 8700k and RTX 2080ti

    I bet shipping would be just as much as the case itself. I set some alerts on Craigslist and got lucky on my ALX. I had to drive some ways but totally worth it!
  19. LukeG310

    Aurora R4 ALX case with 8700k and RTX 2080ti

    Getting married also took a deep cut in my PC parts spending haha. I saw couple R4 ALX on eBay if you happen to be looking!