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    lol, congrats on the new machine!
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    Hello, this place has been a great help already

    Welcome to AWO and congrats on the new system. Great price!
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    When was the last time the laptop booted up into Win 7 without any issues?
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    New to Alienware

    Welcome to AWO!
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    Site Upgrade

    Grey and Red themes were added today.
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    Site Upgrade

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll looking into it.
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    Site Upgrade

    Hmm... I check it in FF and Chrome and it was checked for me. The check is the same color as the box border so maybe it blended in? And thanks!
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    Site Upgrade

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    Site Upgrade

    Site updated. Two new styles added. Dark Orange and Dark Blue. You can choose which style to use. At the bottom left of the page, click on the style changer. Pick a style If you would like to see more colors added, please let me know and I'll see about adding them. Thanks!
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    New Alienware m15 section added!
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    XPS 720 ATX Mod

    Time for a bigger power strip. :p
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    Site Upgrade

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    Hi everyone..

    Welcome to AWO!
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    search function?

    Hi, You can put it in quotes.... EX: "area 51 r5" or just "area 51"
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    Alienware X51 R2 Shutting off and restarting.

    Really sounds like components were overheating. I remember reading a leaked AW internal memo about heat issues. Could be a reason why they discontinued it. I had the X51R2 and that thing was a heat box and sounded like a jet taking off.
  17. SWAT_Glock

    Replacement battery AW17 R2(2015)

    Dell may void your warranty is something happens while using a 3rd party battery even though a 3rd party battery may be better.
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    Site Upgrade

    Site was updated! Let me know what you think of the new look?
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    Alienware 15 R4 on it way

    @Cass-Olé Saw your AGA thread over on NBR. I got the Corsair CX550M. Thanks man!
  20. SWAT_Glock

    Alienware 15 R4 on it way

    Just order the new 6 core i7 15. Only got it with the 1060 because I plan to dock it to the AGA with a 1080. Ordered a new fan and PS for the AGA today.