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  1. Maelstrom

    If you have ten minutes of spare time...

    and you want to do something weird then visit this webpage. Click and hold anywhere on the page and just watch. When the music stops that's when it's over.
  2. Maelstrom


    So I saw a Youtube video on this game and was personally amazed by it. First thing I'll say about it is that it's completely free to play and it's created by students attending DigiPen. Basically the game is a mindblowing, first person, puzzle game that uses different 3D perspectives to...
  3. Maelstrom

    Building custom desktop

    So basically, my sister wants (desperately needs) a new computer to run Photoshop, do some video editing/rendering, and light gaming off of. And since I'm the most computer savvy person in my whole extended family she asked me to help her with it (build it for her). She's upgrading from a...
  4. Maelstrom


    This actually came up in another thread so I thought I would just make a new one to explain what this program does. Launchy is basically a search box that you can bring up with a simple user set keyboard hotkey. The gist of it is that you can type in any website, file, program, or directory...
  5. Maelstrom

    Epic Youtube vidoes

    Basically I'm just going to post random, epic videos I find on YouTube. Source: You have to watch the whole thing if you are going to watch it at all.
  6. Maelstrom

    Old man's comic

    This was posted a few years ago on another forums I regularly visit. I don't know why but I just remembered it so I went back and looked for it and decided to post it here. It's a pretty good read if I do say so myself.
  7. Maelstrom

    New Nvidia drivers

    The newest Nvidia drivers came out several weeks ago but I seem to have missed them... Anyway, I got them last night and after playing some D3 and LoL I noticed a huge performance increase over the older version. I don't know what they did, but I sure am glad...
  8. Maelstrom

    Strange things about Alienware screens.

    I noticed that if you look through some Imax glasses at your Alienware (I only know it to work with the M14x) you get a wierd image on the left glass. I just figured that it had something to do with the screen of the M14x since it doesn't do this with any other screen I've found in my house.
  9. Maelstrom

    What tech gizmos did you get for the holidays?

    The only one of note that I got was a 2nd Gen Kindle Fire 7". However, I also got some Amazon Gift Cards so I'm sending it back for a Kindle Fire HD 8.9". And I'll probably be rooting it when I get it =).
  10. Maelstrom

    Nvidia Surround for M14x?

    I'm just wondering if it's possible to use the program or a program like it to utilize multiple screens when gaming. From what I understand you had to have a desktop with two GPUs in sli. But that was back in 2010 and I was wondering if it was possible to do it now with a laptop.
  11. Maelstrom

    GT 555M problem when playing Minecraft

    I've had no trouble with my GPU before today. It's never gotten too hot and has always provided great graphics and good fps on pretty much anything I play. But for some reason when I try playing Minecraft today it automatically underclocks itself and the game fps lags. It doesn't do this with...
  12. Maelstrom

    List of free to play games.

    So I was looking around the web and I decided it would be nice to compile a list of free to play/download games that everyone could enjoy. Games like League of Legends or ARMA2-Free are examples and I just wanted to know if anyone else knew of any they could contribute.
  13. Maelstrom

    What antivirus software do you use?

    I use Microsoft Security Essentials which, in my personal opinion, is the best because it gives the same coverage of all the other big name securities. It never false reads files I've download as viruses; it updates automatically and stops any viruses you do encounter for you. It's designed by...
  14. Maelstrom

    What movie did you just see?

    When ever you watch a movie post it here! I just watched Cowboys and Aliens on DirectTV Cinemax. James Bond, number 13 from House, and Indiana Jones; what more could you ask for.
  15. Maelstrom

    Alien Command Center

    For those of you who have the M14xR2, M17xR4, M18xR2 and (newer) X51 you already have the update. For everyone else, you can download the new Command Center which includes a much improved interface and the AlienAdrenaline feature. AlienAdrenaline is a new feature that creates customizable...
  16. Maelstrom

    Just a small bug when uploading to the gallary.

    I decided today to upload all of the AW wallpapers I had that aren't already on the site (you can see them here And a few minutes afterwards I...
  17. Maelstrom


    So I finally got the Tekkit pack working (kept getting inventory issues) and was wondering if anyone else plays it? Or if someone wants to start a server to see if we can play together (my internet isn't the best for hosting a server).
  18. Maelstrom

    The strangest thing just happened...

    So I shut down my M14x after a while of gaming to let it cool down and when I started it up again everything was slow and sluggish. After I managed to get task manager running and some other monitoring software up I noticed that the resource monitory said that four of the CPUs (threads) where...
  19. Maelstrom

    Organized Gaming Team?

    I'm not sure if this is really feedback but, does anyone else think it would be cool to form a team of gamers from the site to compete in various games? It would be cool if we could compete in tournaments as a site (if that makes any sense).
  20. Maelstrom

    Minecraft Lets Play anyone?

    So I wanted to record a lets play for Minecraft to upload to the AWO YouTube channel but I think it would be more interesting if there where more people. So would anyone want to join me? My internet isn't the greatest so it would be great if someone else could host the server but I would if I...