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  1. AeonSoul

    Alienware M17X R3, GTX 675M Installation

    So, hopefully this weekend I will be swapping out my GTX 560M with a GTX 675M. I will be keeping this thread updated with pics and stuff, explaining what I'm going to do. So this is what I'm going to use: - GTX 675M, obviously (courtesy of Mr. MattyB) - Dimastech HTX-EE thermal paste...
  2. AeonSoul

    Aero doesn't start

    I've got this slightly annoying issue. Sometimes, not very often, when I boot Win7, Aero suddenly crashes (only at the boot of the system), leaving me with the default Win7 look. The only way to get it back on is to restart the system. It seems that the delegated service to manage Aero...
  3. AeonSoul

    RAM swap

    Since when I'm bored at work I start wondering about stuff, and usually bad ideas pop in my mind, I was thinking that sometime in the future I might want to swap this stock 8gb RAM I got with something more beefy. What worries me is that 2 slots are underneath the keyboard and I have absolutely...
  4. AeonSoul

    Post your desktop!

    Thought this might be an interesting ide, and if I recall correctly there wasn't no other thread like this. Share a screenshot of your desktop if you feel like, wether if it's a messy full of icons one or if you're into a clean and neet look. Might be interesting to see what other users like...
  5. AeonSoul

    Portal 2 -75% off Steam coupon

    As title says, I got a -75% off coupon for Portal 2 on Steam. Since I already own the game I'm willing to give it away. The coupon expires Aug 30. I'd like to trade it for another coupon, but I wouldn't mind just giving it away. If anyone is intersted let me know!
  6. AeonSoul

    Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

    To whoever is willing to play a really hardcore game, this is your cup of tea. The rage factor in this game is over 9000, but once you manage to get through, at least you will be satisfied. It's not one of those typical games where the dev team spoonfeeds you to do something or to go somewhere...
  7. AeonSoul

    DELL's driver page

    Hey, I've been facing this issue for a couple of days already. Whenever I go to DELL's drivers page to check if there's any driver update for my system, the most recent ones are dated up to 2010. No new drivers showing up, while some time ago I had drivers up to date to 2012, including the...
  8. AeonSoul

    GTX560M not detected

    So this morning I started my laptop and while I was typing in the password in the Windows login screen I got a BSOD. When the laptop restarted it was in 800*600 resolution, and it reinstalled the Intel HD drivers automatically. So I'm fucking freaking out here. the GTX560M is not detected...
  9. AeonSoul


    So I kinda need to buy a new Headset since my cheap ass one is not working good anymore. I'm looking for some opinions, what would be a good comfy headset not too pricy?
  10. AeonSoul

    CPU temperature

    I was wondering, what's your CPU temp when normally using your m17x for desktop work (not gaming)?
  11. AeonSoul

    Razer SW:TOR new products

    So as Dan said somewhere in some other post, Razer is now implementing the Switchblade UI in other products, such as keyboards. The new line of products they are going to launch is, as the title said, SW:TOR...
  12. AeonSoul

    SSD hard drive

    Does anyone who had a normal hard drive tried and successfully updated the m17x r3 with a SSD hard drive? If so, what drive you got? How did you do that? I'd like some info please :D
  13. AeonSoul

    Mass Effect 3

    So anyone is getting it? What do you expect from it? And, what are your thoughts about the whole DLC question that has been raised recently? I'v really enjoyed playing the first two installment of the serie, and I'm looking forward to play this one aswell, but the fact that BioWare is pushing...
  14. AeonSoul

    HDD Bad sectors

    Seo today I started the Alien Autopsy utility, and I found this out: Which is basically saying that there were flound 221511680 errors that made the sector unusable. I won't say I'm scared right now, but yes I am. Moreover, if I try to launch the test, AlienAutopsy just crashes. How do I deal...
  15. AeonSoul

    League of Legends

    Anyone playing it? I've started like a week ago or so, that mean I suck balls very hard, but still I have my share of fun. If anyone wants to play a casual/non-ranked match feel free to add me, the name is the same as here. I'm on EU West tho, guess most of you folks are from the US :P
  16. AeonSoul

    The "Song of the Day" thread.

    To keep the spam ratio to an acceptable (I hope) minimum, post your favourite song of the day. Only one song per day, keep it simple. Today I'd go with: Black Sabbath - I (feel free to delete the thread if you think it's no good D: )
  17. AeonSoul

    Notebook Coolers

    So since I've got my m17x recently and summers here are somewhat very hot, I was thinking about purchasing a notepad cooler. Obviously I'd want something that can get its work done with my AW, and not just pretending to do it. As of now I'v got my eyes set either on a CM Storm Strike Force FS-19...
  18. AeonSoul


    Hello everyone, I reached this through AWA, and it seems nice, so I might stick around to spam them forums while I'm at work :D I currently own an Alienware m17x R3, purchased a month ago, and so far I'm truly satisfied by my purchase. Dunno what else to say, mucho love D: