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  1. LukeG310

    Area51 x58 ALX Upgrade

    I got my hands on an all Black Area 51 7500 Predator 2.1 case AKA Area 51 x58 case. I saw on a different forum about Project Dianoga that was an inspiration. I tried to create an account to thank AlienALX for the inspiration but OC3D.net wont verify my email... My Alienware Area 51r1 with...
  2. LukeG310

    Selling Lunar Gray Area51R1 Case - plastidipped in black

    I am parting out with my Area 51r1 case that originally is space gray but was plastidipped to black. you can remove the black from it as I put 5 coats all over the tower. Looking to sale locally in Los Angeles as shipping is expensive. I have Area 51r1 Case Corsair RM1000i with custom MIO...
  3. LukeG310

    Area 51R1 parts for sale

    These are fully working components of an Area 51R1 that got replaced with newer hardware. You are getting a complete computer except for the Case. Selling all together as a bundle for $265 locally to Los Angeles area. I can ship also but not sure of the cost due to the PSU being heavy. Data...
  4. LukeG310

    Area 51 R1 Project

    After almost 10 years looking for the legendary case I was able to get my hands on the Area 51 R1 in great condition. The stories were true, this thing is a beast in terms of height and weight. It has Intel i7 960 with 6gigs of RAM, and 2 Radeon 6960 Crossfire configuration. I actually want to...
  5. LukeG310

    Aurora R4 ALX case with 8700k and RTX 2080ti

    Hi everyone, With the now empty Aurora R4 ALX case I went ahead and got myself some parts to build a modern gaming rig. I got the following parts: -EVGA Z370 Micro -USB Hub to give more USB2 connections since EVGA only offered 1 connection. I needed 3 for MIO, 1 AIO cooler, front USB. -Intel...
  6. LukeG310

    Aurora R4 build inside Predator 2.0 7500 case

    I was able to get my hands on an Aurora R4 ALX case with active vents that I plan on using it for my 8700k parts. The internal parts were taken out and put inside a Predator 2.0 7500 case for my sister. Shout out to Cass-Olé for providing me custom cables and advice. Part 1. Its previous...
  7. LukeG310

    Aurora R4 Liquid Cooler question

    Hello, Can the liquid cooler on the Aurora R4 be used on another system? I noticed that the radiator pin does not have your standard header but its proprietary that goes on the light board on the roof. I wonder if anyone has made an adapter or know how to make this work? I am gutting an Aurora...
  8. LukeG310

    SELLING - Alienware Predator 2.0 Silver Case

    Hi guys, I am selling a silver Alienware Predator 2.0 case with passive card. There are few tiny scratches from the years but overall the case is in excellent condition. Comes with a 400 watt PSU and DVD Drive. Comes with 4 stock fans. One on the behind the hard drive cage, one on the main...
  9. LukeG310

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, My name is Lucas/Luke and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I became an Alienware fan when the Predator 2.0 chassis came out. I bought my first Alienware Laptop in 2009 and had the M15X with the first gen i7 and an ATI Radeon card that was able to play Crysis and anything at the time...
  10. LukeG310

    WANTED: Area 51 case with active vents

    Hello everyone, First and foremost I want to say thank you for your guides, I was able to get a 2008 Area 51 Pre-Dell back up and running. I am wondering if anyone has an Area 51 with the active vents that they would be willing to sale or trade for a Corsair 570X plus extra cash? Thank you! -Luke